NCT drop RESONANCE Pt. 2 album, plus music video for '90s Love' – watch

NCT drop RESONANCE Pt. 2 album, plus music video for '90s Love' – watch

NCT is back for a second run of their comeback with RESONANCE Pt.2.

On 9 November, the SM Entertainment boy group revealed the first teaser for their second comeback on official social media channels. The upcoming new album, RESONANCE Pt.2, is slated for release on 23 November.

NCT have unveiled a comeback schedule that resembles the concept of an airline ticket, revealing the teasers that are in store for fans.

Key highlights include the album release of RESONANCE Pt.2 DEPARTURE VER. on 23 November, followed by the music video of 'WORK IT' on 27 November, then RESONANCE Pt.2 ARRIVAL VER. on 30 November.

View the full timeline below.

NCT released a preview of their upcoming album with a highlight medley. Get a glimpse of the record here: 

According to Naver, eight new tracks will be added to the album on top of the 13 songs from Part 1, this includes the title track ‘90s Love’ and five other new songs. The album will also include instrumental tracks ‘Interlude: Present to Future’, a song about the transition of time from the present to the future, and ‘Outro: Dream Routine’ which depicts their aspirations and goals for the future. The new album will have a total of 21 tracks. 

UPDATE 23/11: Watch the music video for '90's Love' below. 

Stream NCT RESONANCE Pt. 2 – The Second Album (Departure Ver.)

The 23-member supergroup will be splitting up into new sub-units as well for the upcoming era, so fans will get to see new songs from fresh member combinations. 

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With the chart-smashing success of RESONANCE Pt.1, the group earned the ‘Million Seller’ title within a week of its release, and as of 6 November, they have exceeded 1.4 million sales for the album. Their title track 'Make A Wish' has also surpassed over 96 million views in just about three weeks post-release. 

NCT is nominated for three categories (Best Male Group, Artist of the Year, Worldwide Fans Choice Top 10) at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards, along with the APAN Music Awards.

Here are all the group teasers released so far. 

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