Here's how you can soundtrack your life with Sennheiser

Here's how you can soundtrack your life with Sennheiser

Compromising is tough. Forsaking your music - criminal.

We'd all like to be Fred Astaire or Lea Salonga, belting out massive tunes as we flutter from scene to scene in perfect melody. But for those of us with less than gifted voice boxes and hand-eye coordination, soundtracking our days is the next best thing. In a jiffy, packing your room (3 months late) or stocktaking the groceries doesn't feel that intolerable. Compromising is tough, but waiting in line at the checkout aisle whilst the shopper behind you screams on their call sans earphones? Tough luck. 

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So here are 8 ways you can optimise your life and soundtrack your day-to-day with the Sennheiser CX True Wireless, for when you're outdoing yourself at the gym, mindlessly commuting on the train, or simply lighting a candle pre-bedtime. Bid adieu to construction drillings and unsolicited audio assaults at the supermarket - routines never sounded this good. 


Picking an outfit to slay the day

'Dressed To Kill' - New Found Glory

There's nothing more energising than a good ol' pop-rock track to kick-start your mornings. Abundant with electrifying guitars and a catchy drum beat, New Found Glory's 2000 track 'Dressed To Kill' feels like something straight out of the opening montage of a coming-of-age movie. Paired with the CX True Wireless's Bass Boost feature, you'll feel nothing short of the main character as you strut out into the world thumping.

Craving a cuppa & almost burning your toast

'Cappucino' - HNATA, Justin Adijanto; 'Butter' - BTS

Nothing beats a great cup of Joe to wake you up on those early mornings, or to re-energise you during those afternoon slumps. Couple that with HNATA and Justin Adijanto's fun and energising single 'Cappucino', and you've got a great time. BTS are no strangers to the wake-up call either, and their record-breaking bop serves as a smooth entry to usher you into a spanking new day.

Head-bopping on the commute

'25MPH' - Public Library Commute; 'Last Train Home' - John Mayer

Monday mornings can be such a drag. Regardless, if you're journeying to the office or making that long trek from your bed to your desk, the commute is a dreary venture for many. So in an effort to make them a little bearable, jam to Public Library Commute's summer lo-fi '25MPH'. On the way back, take solace in the sultry that is John Mayer and his new retro-inspired offering, washing away the fatigue and into vocal abyss with the Passive Noise Cancellation features of the Sennheiser CX True Wireless.

Checking yourself out at the gym

'Pump It' - Black Eyed Peas

Never in doubt, the rap group has propelled themselves to stardom multiple times and forged a track that's perfect for barbells and squats along the way. Gym-rats and runners can achieve new highs with their empowering lyrics, and the CX True Wireless do well to withstand all perspiration with its IPX4 splash-resistant rating. Sweat? No sweat. Noise cancellation also spells a workout that's you and you alone, so say goodbye to clanky weights and musky groans.

Waiting in line at the checkout

'Move B***h' - Ludacris

For all intents and purposes, this age-old banger from 2002 feels like the most appropriate counter to snaking lines and packed locales, Ludacris uttering over and over again to please 'get out the way!' It's withstood the test of time and commands a powerful resonance with only one simple message - please step aside. A brilliant background anthem, but please don't sing this out loud.

Seeing last week's outfits go 'wrrrrrr'. Then folding them.

'Laundry' - youra

Doing the laundry is never a fun activity but it's more tolerable listening to youra's 'Laundry'. Nothing like the tedious chore it's named after, the Korean singer-songwriter's dreamy pop track is calming and soothing, and can probably make the entire process pass by in a breeze. The 9-hour battery life of Sennheiser's CX True Wireless also mean you're afforded listening throughout long periods of activity, taking you through washing, drying, and finally folding without a panic. 

Recipe following in the evenings

'Dinner' - EXO’s SUHO, Jane Jang

With the sun dipping below the horizon and the smell of good food engulfing the kitchen, dinnertime is that much-needed sprinkle of magic to close out the day. Whether you're the master chef behind the counter or the hungry mouth waiting at the dinner table, soundtrack the delicious experience with 'Dinner' by EXO's SUHO and Jane Jang. Customisable touch controls on the CX True Wireless gadget also means you have agency to command both your spatula and your tunes. 

Exfoliating, brushing them pearlie whites, and all else

'Self Care' - Mac Miller.

As we ease into twilight hours, taking care of oneself after long and arduous days is of utmost priority. Its nifty charging case with 18-hour extended battery life means CX True Wireless stay with you even at your most delicate moments, facial scrubs and all. Here, you-time and loving oneself isn't echoed better than Mac Miller's offering. It's time to chill out, champ.

Selecting the right PJs, and hitting the hay

'goodnight n go' - Ariana Grande; 'days to morning glory' - Shye

Finally, it's time for some shut-eye. Both divas in their own right, wash the day's fatigue away and recharge yourself (and your trusted tech) throughout the night with selections from Ariana Grande and Shye. With a total battery life of 27 hours, leave your cares for later as you dive into blanket dreamland, knowing you'll be ready to tackle a new soundtrack at dawn altogether. Remember - the day's only as good as what you hear. 

The Sennheiser CX True Wireless retails for SGD$199 and is available for sale at their Brand Store at Marina Square, Sennheiser Webshop and at all authorised retailers. Explore its full features on their website, as well as for a full breakdown of its specifications.