SHINee's new album Don't Call Me is coming this February, here's what you need to know

SHINee's new album Don't Call Me is coming this February, here's what you need to know

SHINee are officially back with a new album.

The group confirmed the news via their comeback show The Ringtone on 31 January which aired on V Live and YouTube. Aside from the B-side 'Marry You,' SHINee also performed '샤이니 '데리러 가 (Good Evening),' as well as their solos - Taemin's '이데아 (IDEA:理想'),'; Minho's 'I'm Home (그래),' Key's 'Imagine,' and Onew's '어떤 사이 (Sign)'.


샤이니, 정규 7집 [Don't Call Me] is SHINee's 7th studio album and slated for release on 22 February. The new album will be the group's first offering since 2018's The Story of Light.


On Friday (05/02), the group unveiled the teaser timeline revealing when images, music video snippets, and more will be shared with fans. Check out the schedule here:

Starting on 9 February, the group has released a series of teaser images and videos. In several teasers, the members take on varied characters that pertain to the upcoming album's concept. Check out some of them below.


On 20 February, the group shared a snippet of their official music video for 'Don't Call Me.


SHINee shared their first teaser images with a mood sampler video clip.


Days ahead of the album release, SHINee revealed that there will be several versions of the physical album, which will be available for purchase on 22 February. On Twitter, the group unveiled the Photobook version and Jewel case version of the album. 


Alongside the album reveal, SHINee also launched SHINee IS CALLING, where fans can leave voice messages for the group.

Watch SHINee perform 'Marry You':

1 The article previously indicated Any Resemblance To Actual Person Or Event Is Purely Coincidental. as the title of the upcoming 7th album. It has since been amended.

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