Sound Architects reveal Regenesis tracklist ahead of album release

Sound Architects reveal Regenesis tracklist ahead of album release

The clock is ticking closer to the release of Sound Architects' upcoming sophomore album Regenesis.

Sound Architects are gearing up to launch their second studio album Regenesis at Mow's Bar in Quezon City on February 1 (Saturday) alongside its online release on Bandcamp and Spotify. The new album is also available on limited edition cassette via Genjitsu Stargazing Society.

The post-rock quartet will be sharing the stage with Monochrome, skinxbones, and Moon Mask at the launch, where limited physical copies of Regenesis will be available.


Regenesis, which was mixed and mastered by Lenses frontman Aaron Gonzales at Point Bee Multimedia, is replete with "the cyberpunk aesthetic and reflects dystopian views." Guitarist Johann Mendoza says the album focuses on the band's "general fears and worries spurred by the current hightly involved technocapitalist society and how it drives lives through smartphones and the internet."

UPDATE (01/30): Sound Architects announced that limited prints of the Regenesis cover art will be available at the launch. Every purchase of the print will come with a free download of the album.

Check out the official tracklist and album cover art of Regenesis below.


  1. Ignition Sequence
  2. Temple of God
  3. Syndicates
  4. Observers
  5. Containment Failure
  6. Advent
  7. Regenesis

Pre-order the album here.

Check out Sound Architects' 'Ignition Sequence':