Southeast Asian Sounds: A playlist featuring Stephanie Poetri, Kidd Santhe, Clara Benin, Gentle Bones and more

Southeast Asian Sounds: A playlist featuring Stephanie Poetri, Kidd Santhe, Clara Benin, Gentle Bones and more

Every week, new music from across the world gets released, so it's easy for top notch tracks to get lost in the noise. Fret not, however, as we've got the solution you've been looking for.

Behold: Our fortnightly Best Regional Releases playlist. With this playlist, we'll shine a spotlight on the best tracks from across Southeast Asia, updating the playlist every two weeks with the cream of the crop. 

Below, we break down the artists included in our list.


ANDMESH – Acoustic singer Andmesh, recognised for his sweet voice and jazz rhythms, began his music career in 2016 after he participated in Rising Star Indonesia. 'Nyaman' is his most recent release following his live EP Cinta Luar Biasa earlier this year. 

JUICY LUICY – Juiciy Luicy, a boy band inspired by One Direction and The Beatles, released its EP Sentimental: Side A earlier this month. The band has shifted from a more groovy and indie sound to something richer and leaning closer towards pop in their recent tracks.  

GABRIEL MAYO – Folk-rock musician Gabriel Mayo unveiled his first album In Between last month. He began his music career as a drummer for the band VOX but ventured into singing-songwriting in 2018. 

SKINNYFABS – This Indonesian songwriting force fuses the idioms of folk and rap for an uncompromising examination of mental illness. This is the future of genre-agnostic pop.

STEPHANIE POETRI – Recently signed to 88rising, Stephanie Poetri first gained international acclaim after her single 'I Love You 3000' released in June this year. On 88rising's latest crew album, she worked with Chinese rapper Jackson Wang on 'I Love You 3000 II'.


GENTLE BONES – Singer-songwriter Gentle Bones is one of Singapore's top English artists. His newest single 'Smile For You' comes a year after his latest EP Michelle.

LEW, MARIAN CARMEL – LEW is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter in Singapore, with well-known tracks such as 'Loved You So' and 'All I am'. In the track 'In Time' off his latest EP Red Flags, he collaborated with Marian Carmel, soulful R&B singer whose music holds melancholic undertones.

YETI PACK – Singaporean rap crew YETI PACK has been putting out music with Asian traditional influence and tongue-in-cheek verses. 'VOODOO' is their latest, hard-hitting single following their Lunar New Year release 'FENGSHUI'. 

RANGGA JONES – R&B singer Rangga Jones is a new artist who is making a name for himself as a versatile, acoustic blues musician. 

BRANNLUM, OCEAN'S CHILDREN – Brannlum hopes to share his stories with the medium of electronic music. In collaboration with Ocean's Children, his latest single 'Take Me Home' showcases an emotional and poignant side. 


MEERFLY, KIDD SANTHE, MK K-CLIQUE – Malaysian hip-hop artists Meerfly, Kidd Santhe, and MK from hip-hop crew K-Clique, spit verses on a recent collaboration 'Haa Tepok'. 

LUQMAN PODOLSKI – TV host, comedian, and singer Luqman Podolski first gained recognition on social media platforms such as YouTube and Vine. His first single 'Sorang' is accompanied by a humorous, ghostly music video and marks his first venture into music. 

MUGEN RAO – Popular singer and actor Mugen Rao began his career as a child actor and performer, and eventually established himself as a singer and director with the song 'Kayalvizhi' released in 2016. 'Maya', his third single of the year, is a romantic R&B-influenced track written in dedication to his lover. 

NAIM DANIEL – Singer and actor Naim Daniel has released his newest heartbreaking ballad 'Adakah Engkau Menungguku', which translates to "Are you still waiting for me?", in collaboration with Tuju . 

TALITHA – Singer-songwrtier Talitha is known for her soulful voice and lovelorn tracks. Singing about a dying relationship in her latest single 'on you', she also worked with producer and singer Yewy who delivered a devasting verse in the track. 


LINDENWOOD – Manila-based punk rock quartet Lindenwood are back from their hiatus with a manic and aggressive 4-track EP Die with Me that would get listeners pumped up.

BLKD, CALIX – Filipino hip-hop acts BLKD and Calix have a lot to say and brought all their thoughts together with the release of their KOLATERAL compilation album, which features the opening track 'Makinarya.'

PAMCY – DJ and producer Pamcy has been all over the electronic music world, delivering her love for Filipino trinkets, clothes, and food, with her latest 8-track studio record Binibini.

CLARA BENIN – Clara Benin is back with her most personal EP yet, I Rise Up Slowly. Her latest offering puts Benin under a whole new light, as she bursts with more confidence and brushes away her fear of what people think.

SERIF – Tandems '91's Aaron Cruz continues to dive through the waters of ambient electro-pop tunes with his solo project Serif.


MEYOU – R&B-pop singer-songwriter MEYOU has released his third single 'ภาวนา'. After gaining public attention in 2016 after joining a reality show MBO The Idol Game and debuting in a boy group 9x9, he is now focusing on his solo music career. 

WANYAI – With a voice as light as a feather's caress, WANYAI takes the listener by the hand through a lush, starlit track of gorgeous, funk-accented pop.

EARTH PATRAVEE – Remaining faithful to her bubbly R&B sound, Earth Patravee's newest track 'อยากให้มาด้วยกัน' is an infectious, funk-influenced love song in collaboration with Jan Chan. 

F.HERO – Thai rapper F.Hero has just released his first album INTO THE NEW ERA, a 32-tracker featuring numerous international artists. On 'Do You', he collaborates with Bambam from K-pop boy group GOT7 who sang on the hook and bridge. He has also shared a sleek, opulent music video which features them lounging in a mansion. 

THE TOYS – Singer, rapper and producer The Toys is known for his mega hit 'Korn Ruedoo Fon' which went viral on its release. His latest single 'ลาลาลอย 100%' is in collaboration with veteran singer Nittaya Boonsoongnern.

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