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Stream Forests' wonderful sad rave album, Sun Eat Moon Grave Party

Stream Forests' wonderful sad rave album, Sun Eat Moon Grave Party

Judging by the album cover, you'd expect an album that balances the bleak and lively, the sad and hopeful, the brash and distressed, and you'd be right on the money there. 

Forests' debut album, Sun Eat Moon Grave Party, slaps brooding crescendos and faux-optimism in the face with an attitude that finds complete solace in cynicism, but they never forget to have a good time doing it nonetheless.

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We have no idea if 'Sun Eat Moon' is a play on US singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek's main project, but 'Grave Party' suggests the kind of jaunty celebration over all the personal f*ck-ups, frustrating interpersonal problems and crippling anxieties we sorely need. And boy, does it deliver.

Stream the full album here:

Sun Eat Moon Grave Party is officially released on March 9th on CD and digital formats through Lithe Records.

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