Kaka Quisumbing and Jal Taguibao "resurrect" Sugarfree, release new single 'Nagkita Muli'

Kaka Quisumbing and Jal Taguibao "resurrect" Sugarfree, release new single 'Nagkita Muli'

It seems Sugarfree have returned, but their comeback has been received with mixed reactions.

On Tuesday (02/25), new Sugarfree accounts appeared on Facebook and Twitter, announcing that the band has "decided to resurrect" as a duo with drummer Kaka Quisumbing (who replaced founding member Mitch Singson in 2006) and bassist Jal Taguibao.

"Sobrang na-miss namin! Peace and love to all," they write in a tweet. The 2020 version of Sugarfree also released a new singled called 'Nagkita Muli,' exclusively on Jam 88.3.

Their surprise return comes in light of singer-songwriter and former frontman Ebe Dancel's highly anticipated headlining concert with the Manila String Machine on Saturday (02/29) and his latest album Baliktanaw, featuring his 2020 single 'Hanggang Kailan Kita Mahihintay' and 10 re-recorded Sugarfree songs.

Sugarfree previously announced their split in 2011 with a farewell concert entitled Paalam Pilipinas.

In a series of tweets, Peryodiko frontman and lawyer Vin Dancel shared a few thoughts about Sugarfree's return without Ebe, writing, "They might want to check with Polyeast tho because the label has exclusive rights to the band name under the 2002 artist agreement."

In a following tweet, he adds, "If they wanna 'resurrect' it then delicadeza, and legal obligation dictate they ask Ebe, Mitch AND Polyeast."

Bandwagon has reached out to Sugarfree for additional comment, any updates regarding their response will be added here.

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