Get to know the 'Two Sides' of Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim

Get to know the 'Two Sides' of Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim

What happens when you put two guys with a shared fondness for late '90s, early 2000s tunes together? Think mellow boyband ballads but with an electronic twist, and you've got 'Two Sides', the manifestation of Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim's collaborative artistry. 

It's taken two of Singapore's most prominent singer-songwriters long enough to finally pen a song together, and the ensuing track is everything we've been waiting for and more. For Gentle Bones, it's the third song in the series of ten tracks he's planned for this year, and it's markedly less upbeat than 'Why Do We?' and 'Be Cool'. This lovelorn tune also veers from Charlie Lim's recent energetic remixes. The duality of man, as they say. 

In this new song, Charlie Lim explains that "a lot of the lyrics came from a place of frustration with someone, but also knowing there's a reason why things happen the way they do and why people are the way they are".

“It all stems from love and a bit of heartbreak to arrive at an understanding that we are all one with our differences," Gentle Bones adds. “I believe we’ve come up with a song that perfectly addresses our struggles of the duality we face in both our personal relationships and our strive to touch people with our music."

Indeed, they've shown us the two sides that are present in every relationship - but now what about theirs? 

In this twist to This or That?, we get Charlie Lim and Gentle Bones to give us a peek into their Two Sides - from social media preferences to their choice of instrument.

Day or Night?

Charlie Lim: Night – I can think better when the rest of the world is asleep.

Gentle Bones: Day. I work mostly at night and when there's more space to think so I've slowly grown to prefer days!Cats or Dogs?

Charlie Lim: I would say I'm more of a dog person, but my wife and I just adopted a cat. 

Gentle Bones: Cats. Cats have really grown on me, i see too many on Instagram.

Twitter or Instagram?

Charlie Lim:'s a photo of that cat.


new foster child

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Gentle Bones: Instagram because there are more cats on there.

Piano or Guitar?

Charlie Lim: Piano's my first instrument, but I'd have to say the guitar keeps me company more these days. I remember first picking it up when I was 15 and thought it was just so cool. Here's an embarrassing photo of me and my first band when I was studying in Melbourne, thinking I was actually cool. Nothing has changed. 

Gentle Bones: Guitar, the first instrument I picked up being a huge fan of folk-pop music when I started out.


So this song crossed 20 million streams on spotify last week..

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Roti Prata or Chicken Rice?

Charlie Lim: Chicken Rice. I love this Facebook page, A Different Plate of Chicken Rice Every Day.

Gentle Bones: Prata all day every day, [the] best thing to have for supper.

The Beatles or The Beach Boys?

Charlie Lim: Beatles. But then again I can't say I love everything about The Beatles either.

Gentle Bones: Beatles. Not much else to be said here.

Coffee or Tea?

Charlie Lim: Tea. Teh Halia to be exact (ginger tea with milk).

Gentle Bones: Coffee and Tea. I live off both, gotta have coffee when you get up and chamomile tea to put you to sleep at night.

Lyrics or Melody?

Charlie Lim: Melody is king, even though I'm a big fan of good lyric writing. 

Gentle Bones: Both again. Both make the song, really! I study these two elements of song separately and gather what I like from different genres to use for my own music!

Vinyl or Cassette?

Charlie Lim: Cassette, just because it reminds me of my childhood when I had a portable Walkman and a stereo tape deck. I'd borrow my friends' CDs and then record them onto my own cassettes as I didn't have a Discman. 

Gentle Bones: None, I'd say I resonate with streaming services the most, I never had the chance to buy much physical music before so the internet really opened things up for me.

Charizard or Dragonite?

Charlie Lim: Charizard. Big Charmander/Charizard fan. 

Gentle Bones: Charizard, Charmander is too cute.

Always Tell The Truth or Always Have to Lie?

Charlie Lim: Truth...

Gentle Bones: Is this a drinking game? Or are we in court?

Call of Duty or Counter-Strike?

Charlie Lim: CS all the way! I used to skip choir practice to go play LAN for hours in secondary school. I got really good. Like, really good. 

Gentle Bones: Grew up in LAN shops so CS is the go-to.

Doom or Animal Crossing?

Charlie Lim: I don't play either but I guess I'd probably find Animal Crossing quite amusing.

Gentle Bones: Not sure what both are I'm sorry

Inside Out or Upside Down?

Charlie Lim: Inside Out. Reminds me of the Pixar film which I love. 

Gentle Bones: Upside Down seems to be more doable!