WATCH: MONSTER CAT releases their stirring final video from Redux for '4AM'

WATCH: MONSTER CAT releases their stirring final video from Redux for '4AM'

Its been a pleasure to watch and listen to MONSTER CAT slowly unveil the video recordings for their live Redux sessions over the last couple of months. We were the first to bring you the kinetic live video for 'Take Me To Love' back in December before also premiering their explosive follow-up video for 'Creature' just last month. But as dynamic as both those releases were, it seems as if MONSTER CAT may have saved the best for last.

Their final video release is for another reworked The Violet Hour track called '4AM' and it may be our favourite of the bunch. Their slow-burning alt-rock anthem is in brought to life in thoughtful detail thanks to the vibrant work of both electric guitarists, a goosebump-­inducing three-­part harmony vocal performance and the deep groove of Jeremiah Elijah on bass alongside Shaun Khiu on drums. The propulsive and infectious track paints a narrative of frustration and escape, and its a tale that's told vividly with this live rendition.

As lead singer Wang Wei Yang aka Hentai Cat explains, "This song is personal to me in the sense that it speaks a lot about my relationship with Singapore - a place that can be so at odds with your existence at times, and yet so integral to it. We tried to express that inner psychic turmoil, confusion and courage. The music here is at once resolved and at once resigned.”

Watch the full video below.

MONSTER CAT's Redux was recorded and filmed at Snakeweed Studios and is available for download via Bandcamp.

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