Work From Home with Christian Bautista

Work From Home with Christian Bautista

If you live in Asia, there's absolutely no way to escape the charms of Christian Bautista.

It's clear that the multi-awarded performer has stolen the hearts of many. Of course, he isn't known as Asia's Romantic Balladeer for nothing. From making audiences swoon and sigh at live concerts and TV dramas to pumping up fans online by streaming video games he's currently playing, he's covered a lot of ground in serenading the world. 

Here's what IV of Spades, Munimuni, Sandwich, UDD, and more are up to at home during the "community quarantine"

But what happens when an artist who makes a living performing in front of an audience is forced to stay at home due to a mysterious virus?

Bandwagon caught up with The Kitchen Musical star to check in on what he's been doing since the enhanced community quarantine kicked off, what he does to keep in touch with fans, and his plans after this lockdown is over.


How has your work life changed since the quarantine began?

My work usually involves performing in front of gatherings with a live audience. My work from home now usually involves performing in front of a webcam to an internet audience. It has sparked new creative ideas however. I'm excited to share them soon.

How do you stay connected with your fans?

We connect through social media, whether through a Facebook Live performance, a gaming live stream, or through various social media messaging groups.

What are you looking forward to after lockdown is lifted?

1. To have time with my wife and my family perhaps in a different location.
2. To work, To perform again whether in a drama or in a live concert.

Take us through a day in your quarantined life:

8:30 a.m.

Take a quick shower. Make breakfast. Have my morning coffee. Start replying to messages and emails I missed.

10:00 A.M.

Start doing a bit of house cleaning. Maybe go for a grocery food run. Maybe do a quick home workout routine.

11:30 A.M.

Do a quick reading of an interesting book or comic or article. Reading articles or novels help fine tune and filter important information and a bit of knowledge building amid the social media noise. After this I start to help Kat prepare for lunch.

1:00 P.M.

After having lunch with my wife, I usually start my Facebook gaming live stream. I get to play while connecting with my fans and even earn a bit in the process.

4:30 P.M.

This is usually time with our cat, Cheeto. As you can see she is deep in thought. We have deep conversations most of the time. It starts and ends with a meow usually.

8:00 p.m.

After dinner with my wife (with me joyfully cleaning the dishes), I start to prepare a live FB concert. It is usually for a cause. To help raise funds for different organizations in our continued fight against COVID-19. 

Kat and I end the day with a prayer. That all of us may be safe and well. And that we may all see each other real soon.

Share your WFM/ECQ playlist with us.

My ECQ playlist is usually Spotify's Top Hits Philippines or New Music Friday. Check out my new music that I just released with Janine Teñoso. 'Bukas Wala Nang Ulan.' May it help lighten everyone's load a bit.