Work From Home with Clara Benin

Work From Home with Clara Benin

In our new Work From Home series, we check in with your favorite musicians to see how they're coping with the current COVID-19 crisis while staying in their homes.

Just like the rest of the world, Clara Benin is stuck at home.

It's been a tough two months of quarantine for musicians everywhere. For Benin, she's been forced to cancel or postpone gigs and has since come up with ways to compromise with the world's given situation. 


But besides working on music, what else has the gorgeous 'Parallel Universe' singer been up to?


Bandwagon caught up with Benin to check in on what she's been doing since the enhanced community quarantine kicked off, what she does to keep in touch with fans, and her plans after this lockdown is over.

How has your work life changed since the quarantine began?

Aside from having to cancel/postpone all my shows, my work life has not changed all that much. I’m a full-time artist, I’m used to staying at home all the time and I have all the basic recording equipment I need to create music in my bedroom!

How do you stay connected with your fans?

Doing livestream gigs has helped me stay connected with my fans. I get to keep them company through singing to them, reading their comments and answering their questions, and encourage them to do their part and help out as much as they can during this quarantine. 

What are you looking forward to after lockdown is lifted?

I’m looking forward driving to my favourite coffee shops and catching up with my loved ones! And of course, I’m looking forward to performing on stage with my band again.

Take us through a day in your quarantined life:

10 a.m.

I start the day with a light workout using the NTC app! 

1 p.m.

This is pretty much what I do majority of my day—jotting down tasks on my bullet journal, listening to books on Audible and taking down notes.

Sometimes I try to write songs/record covers when I’m in the mood. 

7 p.m.

Netflix Party with friends and dinner. Last night, we watched Twilight and New Moon haha. 

10 p.m.

I’m usually in bed by this time with my skincare, scrolling through Tumblr and listening to music till I fall asleep!

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