Work From Home with Ysanygo

Work From Home with Ysanygo

In our new Work From Home series, we check in with your favorite musicians to see how they're coping with the current COVID-19 crisis while staying in their homes.

Ysanygo have been stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sure, restrictions over the enhanced community quarantine have gotten a tiny bit lighter, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to run outside and hold a gig. In fact it's still best to stay indoors, check in on your loved ones' mental healths, and possibly even pick up a new hobby. For siblings Ysa and Ygo Ferraz, they took advantage of their time at home by working on tunes and even recreating their first single, 'Imprinted.'


"'Imprinted' was the first single we released as Ysanygo in 2017," they tell Bandwagon. "Back then, we didn't really know what kind of music we wanted to make. After 3 years of experimenting with sounds, we felt that it would be interesting to infuse our first song with the things we learned along the way. We’re still growing as musicians but Imprinted will always remind us of how we started. It deserves to evolve, just as we think we have."


But besides working on music, what else has the "no-genre" duo been up to?

Bandwagon caught up with Ysanygo to check in on what they've been doing since the enhanced community quarantine kicked off, what they do to keep in touch with fans, and their plans after this lockdown is over.

How has your life changed since the quarantine began?

It's been difficult dealing with the crisis because the uncertainty of everything makes us pretty anxious. It still hasn't sunk in that we've been in quarantine for how many weeks. Although this is the case, we have become more mindful of health matters, issues plaguing the country, and checking on each other's mental health. 

How do you stay connected with your fans?

Lately, we've been posting short jam videos on our social media pages. These are actually random melodies we hear in our heads! Even if we can't do live gigs and release full-length songs for now, we still want to be able to share our music with our listeners. 

What are you looking forward to after lockdown is lifted?

We're looking forward to this country getting back on its feet and seeing our loved ones! We're also excited to do shows again once it's safe. We can't wait to share new music! 

Take us through a day in your quarantined life.

06:32 AM

Ygo: I start producing once I wake up! Sometimes, I hear melodies in my dreams, so I record them first on my phone then I move to my DAW (Ableton) and work with what I have.

10:56 AM

Ysa: I practice "Fool For You" by Snoh Aalegra on guitar every morning so I don't forget the chords Ygo taught me. It's one of my favorite tunes at the moment!

12:00 PM

Ygo: I'm in charge of cooking eggs for lunch (because I'm an expert, jk). I have been cooking a lot lately! It's something I like to do other than music.

1:30 PM

Ysa: I practice piano in the afternoon. I just learned 'Jingle Bells,' haha! It makes me happy every time I land on the right keys while reading! I feel like learning this instrument will help me express my song ideas with more clarity.

8:00 PM

Ysa: After dinner, I spend my time sewing another felt cloth dessert kit. This time it's a cake slice! Making something helps me focus and clears my mind.

10:00 PM

Ygo: I continue producing in the evening. I sometimes reach sunrise when I have too much fun. I always make sure that I have choccy milk with me to keep ideas flowing! 

Share your WFH/ECQ playlist with us.

A song salad of some of our favorites: