Xhin debuts new techno side-project NIHX, teases new EP on Midnight Shift

Xhin debuts new techno side-project NIHX, teases new EP on Midnight Shift

From huge bookings in Geneva, Paris (for Transient Festival) and Berlin to a local showcase for his excellent guitar-centric compositions during SEVENFRIDAYLIVE - Singaporean techno vanguard Xhin definitely capped off the latter art of 2016 in splendid form.

And it sure seems like he's carrying that momentum into the new year with the premiere of brand new techno side-project called NIHX. Released independently on Bandcamp, the project's debut EP entitled 001 is nothing short of exhilarating. Propulsive, riveting and immediate, all of these four tracks are perfectly suited to sending peak-time floors in a frenzy.

As Xhin himself explains, his new project is squarely aimed at the club, "These are mainly tools for DJs - a more playable kind of techno and electronic music. Well, at least I think so."

Made from "a bunch of loops" that he made years ago, the inspiration for NIHX came from the producers desire to pick up where he left off and rework them into something cohesive. The results are undoubtedly fantastic, but they're also distinct enough from his previous techno oeuvre to warrant a different banner.

"NIHX is a side project. And a real fun one. I was also thinking that using another name would be fun as well," Xhin enthuses.

As for his immediate plans, Xhin will soon be part of Budapest's massive Hyperspace Festival this coming April, where he'll be sharing the decks alongside acts like Rebekah, Chris Liebing and many others.

Further down the road, the prolific producer also has an EP and possible full-length album lined up.

Detailing his plans for 2017, Xhin discloses, "I have a new techno EP on Midnight Shift to be released some time in March or April, and I think and I’m also working on a new album."

Listen to his Bandwagon Mix below.