5 things you need to know about YG Entertainment's new boy group TREASURE

5 things you need to know about YG Entertainment's new boy group TREASURE


Time's up, the treasure hunt is over.

YG Entertainment's latest boy idol group will debut today (7/9) with their single 'BOY', after a 2 year wait since they first appeaered on survival reality show YG Treasure Box. Named TREASURE, the group's debut will herald a new era for YG, as they will be the first idol group to be formed in four years since BLACKPINK's debut in 2016.

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Having shaped the K-pop scene with all-kill groups such as 2NE1, BIGBANG, iKON, and BLACKPINK, the question is: will YG Entertainment's latest boy group ignite a new K-pop phenomenon?

The world will find out very soon, but in the meantime, here's 5 facts you need to know about TREASURE:


1. TREASURE was initially formed with 13 members

In November 2018, 29 male artists joined the lineup of idol survival show YG Treasure Box, where they competed for their spot to debut as an idol group under YG Entertainment. At the end of the show, 13 members made it to the final cut, and YG intended to promote the group as TREASURE13, with a further divide into two entities, with 7 members as TREASURE and six members as MAGNUM.

However, TREASURE's member status had dropped to 12 since 31 December 2019, with ex-member Ha Yoonbin's departure from the group in pursuit of a solo artist career. Since then, the group as reorganised itself and started their promotional efforts as 12-membered TREASURE.

Watch the first episode of YG Treasure Box here:

2. TREASURE built a fanbase of gems in 2 years

Following Yoonbin's departure, TREASURE fans, also known as TEUMEs, were heartbroken. Some fans shared that people who once supported TREASURE since their Treasure Box days gave up on the group and dismissed them as a failure from YG Entertainment.

However, the TEUMEs who stayed with TREASURE went the extra mile in supporting them and continued waiting patiently for their comeback, which they would be rewarded with today.

3. TREASURE strived to deliver laughter to their fans via their Youtube series

in the months leading up to their debut, TREASURE showcased their multifaceted range of talents in many ways. Apart from singing and dancing, which fans caught a glimpse of during YG Treasure Box, TREASURE started hosting their own variety show titled 'TREASURE MAP' and released 28 episodes in total from January 2020. The series won over the hearts of TEUMEs with their candid dispositions and humour in their day-to-day schedules.

TREASURE also launched 'T.M.I', a video log series of depicting the behind-the-scenes of their idol lives.

In a bid to connect with their fans on a more personal level, TREASURE deserve brownie points for the other video series that they made for the Teumes. They launched '3-MINUTE TREASURE', where they engaged in activities from dressing up or cooking in a 3 minute video.

Another comical series was 'FACT CHECK', where they test out theories suggested by members. This video was titled 'Will Junghwan's ketchup ramen taste better than Jaehyuk's Chapaguri?'

Fans also enjoyed the more intimate series 'T-TALK', wherein the members engaged in heart-to-heart conversations with each other in pairs.

4. TREASURE has already rewritten history with their upcoming debut album

As of 3 August, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE sold over 150,000 pre-order copies of their debut album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE. With this fascinating surge in pre-order numbers, the group has broken the record of having the highest debut album sales for a group which has not even debuted.

5. TREASURE will officially debut today

The music video of 'BOY' as well as the tracks from their debut album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE will drop on digital platforms on 7 August, at 4PM (TH/ID Standard Time) or 5PM (SG/MY/PH Standard TIme)

Watch the music video of TREASURE's debut single 'BOY' here: