7 years of BTS ARMY: fans share their joy of being in K-pop's largest fandom

7 years of BTS ARMY: fans share their joy of being in K-pop's largest fandom

You see their illuminating presence in the purple seas of lightsticks during any BTS concert, but more often than not, you see them on Twitter controlling the tides of worldwide trends. Meet BTS ARMY - they are no magicians, they are just ordinary people with an extraordinary love for the Bangtan boys. 

9 July marks a very special day for this group of people. Although they are diverse in origins and the tongues they speak, their love for the seven-member K-pop boy band has the power to unite them all. 7 years ago today, the official fandom name 'ARMY' was announced by BTS, which stands for 'Adorable Representatives and MCs for Youth'.

The list of unbeatable feats that BTS has achieved would not be possible without their ARMY. Showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, BTS ARMY matched $1 million of donations from Big Hit Entertainment and BTS and also crashed the iwatch Dallas Police Department application by spam uploading fancams. Earlier this week, their single 'Black Swan' became the first to top the iTunes charts in 103 countries, breaking a 5-year record previously held by Adele's 'Hello'.


On this day, let's give it up to the fandom that has shown the world its strength in unity. Here are some memories that BTS ARMY had shared in celebration of the 7th BTS ARMY DAY:

Yevonne Cantwell from New York shared a heartwarming first live music concert memory.

Gracie Ranan from Taiwan composed the 2020 Global ARMY song '7 Reasons' and put together a collaborative multi-lingual project with lines sung by ARMY all over the world in their mother tongues.

@MJdaPoo from New York recollected when she queued for the BT21 merchandise launch in Times Square with her friends, documenting the long but fun-filled wait.

Tiffany Marie from Illinois shared her ARMY pride in a Spotify podcast series 'Stanning BTS' which currently has 124 episodes on everything about BTS.