A 'Fine Day' with Flu – photo gallery

A 'Fine Day' with Flu – photo gallery

Ever wondered what it takes to record an album so far from home? For Flu, it's a bit of a crazy ride.

Thaddeus Vergel De Dios (vocals), John Rae Rebaño (guitars), Luigi Aganinta (guitars), Dieter Bautista (bass), and Randall Enriquez (drums) are in the studio working on their first full-length record, set for release soon under debuting label Funky Records.

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From what started out as a thesis project, Flu have now taken on 3-4 studio sessions for their debut single 'Fine Day.' It was the first song they'd written together as a band and is packed with unbelievable grooves, parallel with lyrics that tackle the struggles of chasing productivity. "It concludes embracing ourselves individually and as a collective," the band says.


The band's day kicks off with a carpool ride from Sta. Rosa to Las Piñas to This Is Where I Make Music (the basement studio in Greenhills of Lindenwood and bird.'s JR Jabla), traveling through different cities, until they get to the studio to track their parts. Of course, a road trip wouldn't be a road trip without any pitstops, and for Flu, it's gotta be at 7-Eleven for coffee and Mang Inasal.

Flu recruited Emil dela Rosa, who was also behind UDD and Unique’s albums, to mix and master their self-produced album with recording engineer JR Jabla.

Stream the new single here: