Apple Music embraces studio-quality sound with Apple Digital Masters

Apple Music embraces studio-quality sound with Apple Digital Masters

Apple Music has lifted the veil on its latest innovation: Apple Digital Masters.

In an official release, the streaming giant revealed that it has been gradually rolling out the initiative, which combines the company’s celebrated “Mastered for iTunes” offering into one singular catalog with unrivaled quality, for both Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Apple Digital Masters guarantees studio-quality sound, "virtually indistinguishable from the original master recordings", packing "less noise and higher fidelity than ever". This is achieved by encoding from high-res masters, which allows "Apple music engineers [to] capture all of the detail of a recording in a size that is convenient for streaming and downloading". Having distributed its cutting-edge encoder for free to various mastering engineers the world over, the company has ensured that they are able to create "test pressings" of just exactly what the user/listener will hear.

It is important to note that the premium audio quality from Apple Digital Masters does not come at any additional cost on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

To find out if a song has been created from an Apple Music Master, look out for for the Apple Digital Master badge.

At this writing, JJ Lin, YunaYung Raja and Sezairi are some artists close to home to have their music available in the Apple Digital Masters format.

Watch the music video for 'Pink Youth' off Yuna's new album Rouge (available in Apple Digital Master) below.