BTS leader RM a.k.a. Namjoon donates 100 million won to an art museum for his birthday

BTS leader RM a.k.a. Namjoon donates 100 million won to an art museum for his birthday

BTS leader RM (a.k.a. Namjoon) turned 26 last September 12 and to celebrate, RM chose to share his blessings and donate to a museum's art book campaign.

In keeping up with what now seems to be an annual tradition of donating to good causes on his birthday (last year's beneficiary was the Samsung Deaf School), RM reportedly donated 100 million won (approximately US$84,563) to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Foundation in South Korea. The donation will be used to support the printing of rare and out-of-print art books. 

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Some of these books will be sent to about 400 public and school libraries across the country, with the rest to be made available at the museum’s bookstore.


A part-timer at one of the recipient libraries shared photos of the books from RM's donation. It also came with a handwritten note which read: "I hope you enjoy reading these [books] and get a lot of comfort and inspiration like me. Art is not hard! It is right next to us!"

Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Yoon Beom-mo said, “RM expresses his willingness to support the art field where he has been inspired and rested. I am happy and surprised to hear that and I will try to spread our art book reading culture with RM, who often visits art galleries even on busy schedules and gives a good influence on expanding interest in art.” In spite of his busy schedule, RM has squeezed in visits to the likes of the Lotte Museum of Art, Sejong Centre Art Gallery, Museum SAN, and Bonte Museum. 

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