Join the ‘United Girls Rock ‘n’ Roll Club’ with CHAI and Hinds – listen

Join the ‘United Girls Rock ‘n’ Roll Club’ with CHAI and Hinds – listen

CHAI from Japan and Hinds from Spain will come together in a show of girl power this month.

Titled ‘United Girls Rock ‘n’ Roll Club’, this will be the bands' first time working with each other. The single is slated for release this Friday (21/8).

CHAI’s history dates back to three ex-classmates - twin sisters Mana and Kana, and Yuna, plus Yuki whom they befriended later. The fresh, non-conventional and genre-bending band initially had a humble start, but have gone on to tour in not only Japan, but also in other regions such as the US and UK. They currently have two full studio albums, three EPs and multiple singles with good numbers, with ‘N.E.O.’ garnering close to a million plays on Spotify as of now.

On the other hand, Hinds, formerly known as Deers, consisted of founding members Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote in 2014. Following the release of their tracks ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Trippy Gum’ on Bandcamp, the band was joined by two other members, Ade Martín and Amber Grimbergen. Their career in indie rock quickly took off from there, and the quartet has since gone on tour with the likes of The Strokes and The Vaccines,  as well as put out three albums. Their latest album, The Prettiest Curse, is a breath of fresh air from their usual releases as it uses a mix of Spanish and English in their lyrics.

Check out the cover art for their exciting new single ‘United Girls Rock ‘n’ Roll Club’ below: