ENHYPEN enter new dimensions in their first-ever full album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' – listen

ENHYPEN enter new dimensions in their first-ever full album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' – listen

ENHYPEN have returned with their first-ever full album. 

Serving as the bright light at the end of a winding tunnel for both the Korean group and their fans, the 'Drunk-Dazed' hitmakers are back with DIMENSION: DILEMMA. The highly anticipated album comes as the beginning of the group's new era following their BORDER series. 

DIMENSION: DILEMMA features 8 tracks, including their lead single 'Tamed-Dashed' and 'Blockbuster', a collaborative song with TXT's Yeonjun

In a press conference held ahead of the album drop, ENHYPEN shared how the record takes inspiration from the members' own stories and experiences and narrates a journey through a complicated, new world as they transition from trainees to idols. 


Said to reflect the world they're experiencing now a year after their debut, Jake shares, "This new world will experience fresh paradoxes as the world gets more complicated than we previously thought."

"The world we experienced after debuting is a lot more complicated we realised. So, in this new [album], we reflect the complicated emotions we feel while desiring to move forward, while we also learn about clashing values and changes in the world," says Sunoo

Speaking on their lead track 'Tamed-Dashed', the group explained shared how the new wave synth-pop track talks about dealing with both the frustration and temptation of desire – a theme that is also apparent throughout the album. 

ENHYPEN also shared that Yeonjun's rap verses helped added another level of intensity to 'Blockbuster'.

"We're honoured that Yeonjun was able to add to the song's intense vibes. We were able to stop by the studio when he was recording and he was doing it so passionately, we were very inspired," said the group. 

Beyond their own stories, ENHYPEN are also sharing a new "refreshing" concept that sees a new side to the group. 

"We hope new fans will wonder who we are for our upcoming performances," says Jungwon

Prior to the album release, ENHYPEN already achieved new heights, breaking their own pre-order record. According to media reports last September, DIMENSION: DILEMMA broke through over 600,000 pre-orders in six days, consequently surpassing BORDER: CARNIVAL's record of 400,000. 

Speaking on their accomplishments, the group shared, "Breaking these records is only possible because of our ENGENEs. These accolades drive us to work harder."

To celebrate their first full album, ENHYPEN are also hosting a listening party on 21 October, 12 PM KST (11 AM SGT/PHT, 11 PM EST). Join the party here.