JJ Lin drops new music video and EP 'Drifter' – listen

JJ Lin drops new music video and EP 'Drifter' – listen

The Mandopop prince is back with a new album.

On 12 October, JJ Lin dropped the ball on his forthcoming album, Drifter • Like You Do, announcing that the new record is slated for release on 20 October. 

JJ shared via social media channels last week that he will be organising a global listening party to celebrate with his fans on 19 October, 10.45pm (SG/PH/MY Standard Time), ahead of the double EP release. 

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⠀ 🌍 2020.10.19 22:45 (GMT+8) 🌍⠀ 林俊傑 【倖存者 • 如你】 線上聽歌會⠀ JJ LIN 【DRIFTER • LIKE YOU DO】 GLOBAL LISTENING PARTY⠀ ⠀ Get ready for the big event! To my fans around the world, let’s come together to preview, AND countdown to the release of my new album!⠀ ⠀ 呼喚大集合!來自各地、喜歡我的朋友們,一起來搶聽我的新專輯,以及倒數新專輯上架!⠀ ⠀ 10月19日 晚上22:45 (GMT+8)⠀ 期待【倖存者 • 如你】故事的開端!⠀ _______⠀ ⠀ JJ 林俊傑 第14張專輯⠀ 《倖存者 • 如你》雙EP ⠀ 10月20日 倖存於 你 ⠀ 相約平行時空⠀ ⠀ #JJ林俊傑倖存者⠀ #JJ林俊傑倖存者如你⠀ #JJDrifter⠀ #JJDrifterLikeYouDo⠀ #JJXIV #JJDoubleEP

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Warner Music then revealed that the global listening party will be held via Youtube on his official Youtube channel. Mickey Huang will be hosting the event, with the likes of Jam Hsiao, Jackson Wang, Harry Chang, Seven Tan, Chen Linong, Roy Wang and more joining the party.


Watch the listening party: 

Drifter, the first half of the EP, contains six Mandarin songs including the title track, while the second half of the EP, Like You Do, features a new English track 'While I Can', which was adapted from JJ's original Mandarin tune 'Wonderland'.

The music video for 'While I Can' and more information on the second half of the EP titled Like You Do will be released in the coming months.

As JJ was heavily involved in the creative direction and vision of the album, he says this of the concept behind the record, "Drifter • Like You Do is a two-dimensional double EP. In life, there is always light and darkness, to consciously hold on or to let go. Returning to a rediscovery of life, the album tells a story about all of us. I could be your voice, just as you could be mine." 

This marks JJ's 14th album, which comes after his last release in 2017, Message in a Bottle, that received a nod for 'Best Album in Mandarin - Vocal Category' at the 2018 Golden Melody Awards. 

Prior to the announcement, the Singaporean Mandopop artist also teased fans with a behind-the-scenes reel of the new music video for ‘Drifter’. 

Watch Drifter's official music video: 

Stream JJ Lin's 'Drifter' EP here: