Songs and albums by Epik High, HyunA, IU, and more return to Spotify

Songs and albums by Epik High, HyunA, IU, and more return to Spotify

K-pop songs and albums that were removed from Spotify are slowly making their way back onto the streaming platform. 

This comes just a day after negotiations regarding the renewal of a global licensing agreement between the Swedish giant and South Korean music distributor KakaoM fell through on 1 March, resulting in the erasure of works by artists such as Epik High, IU, SEVENTEEN, MAMAMOO, Cravity, GFRIEND, and more.

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This incurred the ire of the K-pop community, with both fans and artists taking to social media to voice their frustration. 

Fans who waited patiently for their favourite songs and albums to return were offered a glimmer of hope when the works of artists such as Jessi (NUNA)and HyunA (I'm Not Cool), and CL ('+Hwa+', '5STAR' and In The Name of Love) were restored to Spotify under new distributors — P Nation, and Very Cherry and SuneV respectively.

Soon after, Epik High's latest album, Epik High Is Here, and their 2019 project, sleepless in _______, were reuploaded to Spotify under Ours Co.. They were joined by IU's 'BBIBBI', which is still listed as a track distributed by KakaoM. 

While the singer-songwriter's Palette, A flower bookmark, CHAT-SHIRE, and Modern Times albums are not listed under her Spotify profile, they can be searched for manually.

However, fans have noticed that while the songs and albums have returned, the stream counts for some of them have been reset. 

Taking to Twitter, Epik High's Tablo, said that he was "heartbroken" to learn that the streaming numbers for Epik High Is Here and sleepless in _______ but noted that what mattered was that fans were able to listen to Epik High's music again. He also encouraged fans to throw the group a streaming party.

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