Leanne and Naara, Munimuni share their takes of Eraserheads classics – listen

Leanne and Naara, Munimuni share their takes of Eraserheads classics – listen


Leanne and Naara and Munimuni have released their takes of iconic Eraserheads songs with Pop Machine.

On Friday (10/04), the two Filipino acts have shared their own renditions of 'Alaapap' and 'Minsan' from the 1994 sophomore record Circusas part of Pop Machinethe upcoming compilation of Eraserheads covers.

"It was a little overwhelming at first. We wanted to put our own twist on it without completely changing it," Leanne and Naara share with Bandwagon in a message. "If you listen to the track, you’ll recognize the riff. Having just the right amount of balance was definitely the goal.

"One of the really exciting things that we got to do for this track was the vocals," they add, revealing that they also tried to figure out how to share their take of the track with their own stylings. "We just went crazy with it. It helped us get into this carefree mindset that is the very essence of the song. It was nice to have all the harmonies in there at the beginning. It was a cool way to ease into it."


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In November last year, the Eraserheads released the remastered edition of their debut album Ultraelectromagneticpop! via Sony Music Philippines and Offshore Music. The record was remastered by legendary audio engineer Bernie Grundman, who worked on Apartel's second full-length album Full Flood. A limited vinyl run of Ultraelectromagneticpop! will be released soon.

The Eraserheads' Ultraelectromagneticpop! 25th anniversary vinyl is finally here

Stream the tracks below.