Connect with Eric Nam on his MINDSET audio collection

Connect with Eric Nam on his MINDSET audio collection

Finding a connection with your favourite artists has never been more accessible than now.

DIVE Studios has unveiled MINDSET, an authentic collection of untold stories shared by artists, where fans may find inspiration and healing. 


"Since the founding of DIVE Studios, our mission has been to contribute to and build a world of audio that leaves a lasting, positive impact on culture and society," the company shares in a statement. "MINDSET will play a major role in creating deeper connections between artists and their fans."

“Our overarching mission at DIVE Studios has always been to create engaging premium audio collections that have a positive impact. We have been extremely successful in our work to promote diversity and create a safe space in the growing audio content ecosystem for K-Pop artists and fans and now we’re excited to expand our reach and impact with the launch of MINDSET,” said Brian Nam, CEO and Co-Founder of DIVE Studios. “We believe there is tremendous value in having people of influence speak openly about their personal experiences, struggles and challenges to their fans and others who need it most."

The first artist to share their stories is Korean-American singer Eric Nam —the good, the bad, the struggles and triumphs—through his premium audio collection.

"As an artist, I get daily messages about how my music, podcasts, and stories have encouraged my fans and community," he writes in a statement. "Though I often feel like a speck of dust in this universe, it reminds me that being intentional with my words and actions is important and impactful."

With his audio collection, Nam openly discusses his personal struggles, anxieties, and childhood memories, which is "something that [he does not] take lightly, but with sincerity and responsibility." He says, "I've created this with the hope that these stories will leave a lasting impression and positive impact. We've worked tirelessly on this project and I'm so proud of the team, what we have achieved and what we hope to accomplish in the future."

Nam adds that listeners may cry and will certainly laugh as they hear a different side of the artist never shared before. "Remember to take care of yourself. You deserve it," he says.

Purchasing Eric Name's MINDSET collection gives fans access to 150+ minutes of premium audio content, two exclusive Q&A sessions with the artist, access to an intimate global community, and text transcriptions for all content. The first episode is offered for free. Fans have the option to purchase the full 11-part series for PHP 1,250.

More voices will be joining MINDSET, such as Tablo of Epik High and Jae of DAY6.

MINDSET is available on Android and iOS.