WATCH: Members from Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors form supergroup, release ‘A Hundred Ropes’

WATCH: Members from Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors form supergroup, release ‘A Hundred Ropes’

Supergroups can be a tricky situation — it can combine the strengths of each member into one supreme amalgamation, or it can prove to be a force of clashing egos that would be disappointingly half-hearted. With this new surprise track, we're eager to lean toward the former. 

Minor Victories comprises of some of the most influential and notable musicians from the United Kingdom — Stuart Braithwaite, guitarist of post-rock greats Mogwai, leads the charge with Rachel Goswell of shoegaze band Slowdive, Justin Lockney from Editors and his brother James Lockney of Hand Held Club Nine. After announcing their formation late last year, they've dropped ‘A Hundred Ropes’, the first single off their upcoming debut self-titled album, accompanied with a slow-burning music video.

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Fans of their respective individual bands have been eager to listen to what the supergroup will sound like, and while Slowdive have yet to release new material, and Mogwai's recent work have been met with mixed reactions, this new track sounds as invigorating as anything we've ever heard from them.

In their debut single, irresistible dark, atmospheric synths and a constant motorik rhythm form the basis of the track, driving the song with head bobbing urgency as Goswell’s ethereal and delicate vocals float above the mix. 

Menacing guitars and spine-chilling strings slowly kick in the background, blending everything into a charging force of beauty to be reckoned with. The music video on the other hand is a simple, monochromatic wide shot of five war flag, weapon-wielding samurais emerging from a tall wheat field, charging in extreme slow-motion towards the viewer.

The album is also set to feature Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek and The Twilight Sad's James Graham.

Watch the full music video below:


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Minor Victories' self-titled debut is out on the 3rd of June via Fat Possum Records.