Tom's Story to open for Phoenix Live in Manila

Tom's Story to open for Phoenix Live in Manila

Wanderland 2017 alums Tom's Story have just been announced as the support act for Phoenix' return to Manila. The band is no stranger to opening bigger shows, having been a warm up act to the UK's TTNG and Malaysia's Dirgahayu. The math rock trio have been a staple in local music festivals and city gigs over the past couple of years, and are currently working on the follow-up to their well-received self-titled debut album.

Ahead of their opening stint next week, Bandwagon asked the boys of Tom's Story - Gabba Santiago, Tom Naval and Degs De Guia about the first Phoenix track they ever listened to, their favorite album by the French quartet, and their favorite band member.

Favorite Phoenix Album 

Gabba: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Many of my favorite Phoenix songs are from this album! Lasso, Lisztomania, and 1901.

Tom: It’s Never Been Like That because it’s catchy and relaxing to listen to.

Degs: It’s Never Been Like That because it reminds me of my fascination with “coming-of-age” movies back in 2006!


First Phoenix Song I Listened To

Gabba: Everything is Everything

Tom: Lisztomania

Degs: Long Distance Call

Favorite Phoenix Member 

Gabba: Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai. I’ve always been a fan of Phoenix’s guitar work. They always make very catchy guitar parts that complement each other. 

Tom: Thomas Mars because namesake (sorta).

Degs: Thomas Mars (and Thomas Hedlund, if touring members count!!!). Thomas Mars because his voice is distinct and based on the videos I’ve watched, he’s really a nice and chummy person. Thomas Hedlund because his play style screams out “PASSION” without compromising the sound.

Watch the music video for Tom's Story's "Dream/Catcher":

Tom's Story is slated to open for Phoenix Live in Manila on August 15, 2017 at the Kia Theatre. Get tickets here.

Tom's Story's self-titled album is available via A Spur of the Moment Project. Buy the album here.

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