Raccoon Productions turns 3 with a massive celebration – photo gallery

Raccoon Productions turns 3 with a massive celebration – photo gallery

Raccoon Productions just turned three, and they made sure to make their latest milestone memorable with a massive gathering of local acts and music fans from across the Metro.

Together with She's Only Sixteen, Over October, Carousel CasualtiesSasaya, One Click Straight, The AdamantYsanygo, Any Name's Okay, Clara Benin, Ang Bandang Shirley, CheatsMunimuni, Lola AmourAutotelic, and I Belong to the Zoo, the local production crew threw one of the biggest shows at Green Sun in Makati City.

Bandwagon spoke with Raccoon Productions' Mika Ordonez to talk about the past three years producing shows, the benefactors they represent, and what fans should expect from them in the future.

It's been three years since your very first Raccoon Productions show. What has changed and what has stayed the same?

What changed: When we started, we were only doing bar gigs. We stayed in that comfort zone until mid 2018, when we finally had the courage to actually do bigger events outside bars. One of the major reason why we were able to do that is because we now have a tighter, stronger and passionate team. I think this is the biggest change that made all the difference. We owe it so much to this team because we had amazing chemistry and jived together due to our shared (unconditional) love for the music scene. You can see the heart in every person in our team and it also shows in the quality of work we provide. We always give our 200% for each gig or event we make.

What stayed the same are our core values: We were and will always be fans of the artists, that’s why we look up to them with respect and provide them with the care they deserve.We take care of them as much as we can because it’s their music and the ripple they create that is the reason why we keep doing what we’re doing now.

We also always believed that we can help others through music, and we want to keep going for the ideal situation that we can help those in need while still having fun.

Your shows always have a chosen benefactor, how do you pick the charities you work with?

I started with wanting to help kids from a specific hospital, National Children's Hospital (side note: we visited that hospital in high school and told myself that i need to help out in the future.) It was a bit difficult talking to the hospitals directly, so we coursed it through some of our trusted orgs (now mostly CANCERVANTS PH) who often help out kids from the hospital. We choose beneficiaries who we think we can give the most impact and change to given our means and resources. We’d like to help everyone if we could, but for now, we will always do our best to help those who we can.

You just held your biggest show yet. What's next for Raccoon Productions?

For us, it’s all the way up and around the Philippines. We want to spread our message and means to other provinces and cities because there’s so much talent that deserve to be shared across the country, and there are also so much more people we could save through music.

Check out more photos from the show below.

Watch the recap video of Raccoon Productions' 3rd anniversary show below.

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