All of the Noise 2018 brings holidays early to music fans with Boy Pablo, Phum Viphurit, Elephant Gym, Sobs, and more – photo gallery

All of the Noise 2018 brings holidays early to music fans with Boy Pablo, Phum Viphurit, Elephant Gym, Sobs, and more – photo gallery

The Rest Is Noise celebrated their 3rd anniversary and year-end affair via a massive 2-day indoor music festival in Makati. Having previously brought acts across Asia and from the Philippine region together at their mid-year event called Summer Noise, The Rest Is Noise took it a notch higher for their 2018 finale. 

Known for their careful curation, the first edition of All of the Noise featured 6 international bands and 18 acts from across the country. With the likes of Boy Pablo and Phum Viphurit, the festival attracted more fans from outside of The Rest Is Noise community.

While the first day of the festival proved to be difficult due to some sound issues, power outages, and set time delays, both musicians and the audience graciously pulled through. The lineup for Day One — Taiwan's Elephant Gym, Singapore's Sobs and Cosmic Child, Manila's own tide/edit, Jason Dhakal, Cheats, Tarsius, Rusty Machines, Ben&Ben, IV of Spades, the UPRISING roster, and BuwanBuwan Collective, — and the moderately sized crowd were a picture of where the festival is currently at: low-key and still a bit rough around the edges, but a rare gathering of Asian talents.


Learning from the previous day's technical difficulties, Day Two addressed the sound and power issues. Fans had queued up as early as 9 AM and held their ground on the front row, with several girls fainting due to the heat and dehydration. Red Cross volunteers were quick to attend to the fans. Free water bottles were also distributed to the crowd, especially to those who have stayed near the stage since the first act.

Packed all the way to the back, the Day Two audience were treated to performances by Cebu's .FC, Manila's Sandwich, Mellow Fellow, Ang Bandang Shirley, Tandems '91, Tom's Story, She's Only Sixteen, Irrevocable, and Andy Chlau, as well as Thailand's Phum Viphurit and Yellow Fang, plus Norway's Boy Pablo. With their 2018 closer, the second day was a preview of where The Rest Is Noise was heading to: a promising event overall, with the execution of the show hopefully as accomplished next time as the curation of the lineup.

From loud singalongs to straight up screaming, birthday cakes to heartfelt messages shared onstage, here's what went down at All of the Noise 2018:


Jason Dhakal


Rusty Machines

BuwanBuwan Collective




Cosmic Child

IV of Spades


KT Chang by Iya Forbes

Elephant Gym


Andy Chlau


Tom's Story

Ang Bandang Shirley

She's Only Sixteen


Phum Viphurit


Mellow Fellow

Yellow Fang

Boy Pablo

All of The Noise 2018 was co-presented by The Rest Is Noise and Johnnie Walker.