Red Velvet's sub-unit IRENE & SEULGI unveil their 'Naughty' side in new music video – watch

Red Velvet's sub-unit IRENE & SEULGI unveil their 'Naughty' side in new music video – watch

Naughty or nice? Red Velvet's Irene & Seulgi explore their dual sides in their new music video accompanying their B-side single, 'Naughty'.

With the chiaroscuro in cinematography and their moves synchronised to perfection, there is no questioning Irene & Seulgi's compatibility as a sub-unit so well-loved by their fans. After performing as five-member Red Velvet since 2014, fans were heartened to see the spotlight being cast upon the duo with the formation of the sub-unit as well as their artistic potential.


While the delay of the music video of 'Monster' by SM Entertainment stirred up unhappiness among ReVeluvs, they still showed their utmost support for Irene & Seulgi nonetheless, with '#LetsGetNaughty' trending on Twitter upon the release of the music video today.

'Naughty''s choreography sees Irene & Seulgi performing a genre of dance world's apart from the typical Girl's Style dance choreography in K-pop girl groups. Known as Tutting, it is a dance style recognised for the intricate, angular movements of fingers with Egyptian art origins. Having originated from American street dance genre Popping, the use of Tutting in K-pop is definitely something as new for Irene & Seulgi as much as their fans.

Irene & Seulgi unleashed their 'Monster' with their first mini-album two weeks ago and its highly anticipated music video stands at over 31 million views as of today.

Monster broke several records within its first day of release, charting digital record sales in Korea, China, and more. It is no understatement to pronounce the duo as the sub-unit of the year, having surpassed the album sales of any female sub-unit group since Girls' Generation's TaeTiSeo in 2012.

With so much potential in Irene & Seulgi's debut, they're definitely here to stay.

Cover image credit: SM Entertainment