Red Velvet's WENDY shares a dreamlike world in her solo debut mini-album 'Like Water' – listen

Red Velvet's WENDY shares a dreamlike world in her solo debut mini-album 'Like Water' – listen

After a surprise announcement, weeks of anticipation, and countless teasers, the day has finally arrived – WENDY's solo debut is here!

The Red Velvet member dropped her long-anticipated solo mini-album today (05/04). Entitled Like Water, the record sees five tracks including two title tracks – 'Like Water', a song dedicated to her fans,  and 'When The Rain Stops', a piano ballad that sends a message of empathy and strength.

The album also features 'Best Friend', a duet with her bandmate Seulgi'Why Can't You Love Me', a cheerful, spring-inspired track about one-sided love, and 'The Road', a modern rock song. 

Alongside the album, WENDY dropped the music video for 'Like Water' that sees the singer in a dreamy and ethereal world comparing a loved one to water. 


Before the album drop, WENDY shared a special message to her fans via Spotify. In her message, she dedicates the record to her fans who been supporting her and been there for her "like water".

"To all of my fans who know me and think of me more than anybody, even myself, you are the most precious and most indispensable to me on earth just like water. I will always stand by your side no matter what. I wish I could also be the reason for your life like you are for me," says WENDY.  

To celebrate her solo debut, WENDY hosted a countdown show via V LIVE and YouTube, where she shared the process of creating the album and the themes that inspired the tracks. Nervous about the release of her highly-awaited solo record, the singer shared that the album comes after a long period of preparation and work and how she hopes it gives fans the same sense of gratitude and appreciation she's received through the years. 

The  START-UP OST singer also mentioned that she's received immense support from her fellow Red Velvet members, who even visited her while filming the music video for 'Like Water'.

Listen to WENDY's debut solo mini-album, Like Water here.