Red Velvet's Wendy to release solo album 'Like Water' in April

Red Velvet's Wendy to release solo album 'Like Water' in April


ReVeluvs, rejoice! Red Velvet's Wendy has been working on a solo album and its release date is much closer than you think. 

On 10 March, SM Entertainment confirmed in a statement to Naver News that the singer will be making her long-awaited debut as a solo artist with the project this April. The news comes just a couple of months after Wendy made her first appearance alongside her Red Velvet bandmates after being absent for a year at the SMTOWN LIVE "Cultural Humanity" concert on New Year's Day. 

On the same day, Wendy took to Red Velvet's official Twitter page to share the news with her fans and express her excitement about the project. She wrote: "As it is my first solo album that is so precious to me, I will work harder..." 



On 24 March, SM Entertainment announced the title of the project, "Like Water", and its 5 April (6 PM KST) release date.


On 25 March, it was announced that Like Water will comprise two title tracks — 'Like Water' and 'When This Rain Stops'


SM Entertainment unveiled a teaser schedule for Like Water on 25 March, with details on when teaser images and videos, and mood samplers would be released. 

A number of teaser images have been revealed since 27 March. Take a look at some of them here.

The first teaser for 'Like Water's music video was released via Red Velvet's Twitter page on 2 April. 

To give fans an idea of what they can expect from the album, SM Entertainment released two mood samplers between 27 March and 28 March.


On 30 March, SM Entertainment gave fans a preview of the physical album's contents — including a physical disc, a photobook, a lyrics book, a premium card, posters, and photocards.

It also announced that it will be releasing a limited edition version of Like Water, which comes in a special case made from chemically-treated flowers.

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Wendy was unable to participate in the group's activities for the majority of 2020 as a result of an unfortunate accident she was involved in during a rehearsal session at the SBS Gaeyo Daejeon show in late 2019. 

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Since her return, she has also co-hosted the South Korean variety series, Mystical Record Shop, which has been airing since January this year. On an episode of the show, she showcased her signature vocals during a memorable rendition of Crush's 'Alone'

Stream Wendy's single from the START-UP soundtrack, 'Two Words' here: