Selling Sunset stars Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, and Romain Bonnet share what's on their playlists: 'WAP', Beyonce, and top 40 hits

Selling Sunset stars Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, and Romain Bonnet share what's on their playlists: 'WAP', Beyonce, and top 40 hits


Quarantine has brought us many forms of entertainment - from seeing our friends' newfound passion for baking on IG stories, and new gamers (even some of our fave musicians) streaming their Call of Duty and Valorant adventures, countless concert livestreams, to endless shows to watch on our favorite streaming platforms.

For fans of gorgeous multimillion-dollar homes and reality TV, Selling Sunset is the ultimate treat. Now on its third season, the Netflix reality series follows the members of the prestigious Oppenheim Group as they work their way through luxurious real estate properties in Los Angeles, plus all the drama that goes down in between open houses and home viewings. 

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In time with their recent addition to personalized video platform ACE's Family of Stars, we had a quick chat with cast members Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, and Romain Bonnet on what they've been listening to, their "entrance songs", and 'WAP'.

If you could choose an entrance song to play each time you walked into a house, what would it be? 


Mary: Oh, man. That’s a tough one.

Amanza: I know mine. 

Mary: Oh, you always know music! You’re so good, I’m like I don’t know, I don’t even know the names of anything. I just know if I like it. Erm… you go, Amanza. Let me have time to think.

Amanza: Okay just off the top of my head... I could probably think of maybe even better ones, but in the essence of time, I think it would be Beyonce. Girls, they run the world!

Mary: Erm… I don’t know for me! Amanza, help me!

Amanza: Maybe like a powerful, Katy Perry (pumps fist in the air), or anthem kind of song? 

Mary: What’s that song- something I’m a fighter… (humming)

Amanza: Or ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia? That’s a good one.

Mary: Oh yeah, yeah! I’ll go with that one. (laughs)

What’s a song that best describes your first year of marriage?

Romain: There’s one, I’m not sure if I remember the name of it… You know, like, er… What’s it called?

Mary: We’re so terrible at this! (laughs) Hm, let’s see. Playlist… Is it, maybe… Oops. ('Where Is The Love' plays) I didn’t mean to do that! Sorry! (laughs)

Amanza: Is that 'Where Is The Love'?

Romain & Mary: (laugh)

Romain: We love it!

Mary: I don’t know, maybe…

Mary: It’s like a kid. I don’t know, we’re terrible at this. Amanza, maybe you know this. 'Stuck With You'... Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Is that a sweet song, or is that saying something?

Amanza: Erm… (laughs) I think it’s sweet, but I think it started because of COVID. It was like, stuck with you, in the house, and you can’t leave.

Mary: Oh. (laughs) Okay, well. I’m gonna pass. I’m gonna pass. 

What's on your playlist these days?

Mary: Oh! Okay. Hmmm, so I really like 'Fast Car' featuring Dakota by Jonas Blue.

Mary: I like - the one I just said, 'Stuck with You' by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. 'Savage Love' from Jason Derulo. 'You Should Be Sad' by Halsey and Tiesto

Mary: Oh (gestures to Romain), he really likes Kygo. He loves Kygo. 

Mary: Oh, 'Beautiful People'! I love 'Beautiful People'. That is from Ed Sheeran, that song is amazing. I think it’s awesome. 

Amanza: I’m so bad with playlists, like… I haven’t driven in so long because of COVID. Normally I listen to the radio, so I hear like the new - like, today’s hits. I’m very much a today’s hits girl, unless I go back. I grew up on everything from Pink Floyd to The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Faith Hill, to… Metallica and N.W.A. 

Amanza: Like my music selection is all across the board, I have two different playlists. I have the kid-friendly playlist. It consists of a lot of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa.

Amanza: And then when the kids aren’t in earshot, I have listened to Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP' about five hundred times! It is the worst, most vulgar song but I can’t get the melody out of my head. And then, you know, so I have my gangster rap playlist that I listen to when I’m not on mom duty, and then the kid-friendly, like kid bop. So [I listen to] gangster rap and today’s hits.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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