Step into the BTS Universe Story with their interactive mobile game

Step into the BTS Universe Story with their interactive mobile game


Some artists play games, while others invest in gaming teams. 

BTS? With the help of Netmarble, they’ve transformed themselves into characters for their own interactive mobile game, BTS Universe Story.

Hyping up fans awaiting the worldwide launch on 24 September, a 10-minute trailer for the game has been released today starring all of the BTS members. With Jin as the central character, and the supposed key to help his fellow members RM, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jungkook, and Jimin, fans can anticipate catching more of BTS’ acting in the future through unique backstories of each member.


Sets from previous music videos can also be seen in the trailer, to be weaved into the plot of the game.

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According to Netmarble, the game developer behind BTS Universe Story, the game concept will have various features, such as allowing players to create stories with production tools, controlling the developments and outcomes of the stories, and collecting clothes and accessories to customise the characters – story creation mode, story playthrough mode, and collection mode respectively.

Get a sneak peek of BTS Universe Story on their website here, where you can also participate in their character card event until 17 September.