Troye Sivan talks artistic growth, Lil Nas X, and creating a fantasy in his new single 'Angel Baby'

Troye Sivan talks artistic growth, Lil Nas X, and creating a fantasy in his new single 'Angel Baby'

You're alone on a cold and rainy night and just when you think all hope is lost, an angel appears lighting not only the evening but your entire life – that's the fantasy Troye Sivan narrates in 'Angel Baby'

Acting as a celebration of love and a reminder to not give up on finding it, the Australian singer-songwriter's new single tells a beautiful story of an intimate romance encased in retro synth-pop. 

"Unfortunately for me, 'Angel Baby' is a complete fantasy and it's not reality (laughs)," Troye says in a press conference. 

"For this song, it was a moment for me to allow myself to fantasize and remember how much I love love and how beautiful it is. So, 'Angel Baby' is the ultimate fantasy of finding that person that makes you want to live in that moment forever." 

'Angel Baby' is the singer's latest release following last year's chart-topping track 'You' and EP In A Dream. The single features an ethereal 80s-inspired sound, which Troye shares takes inspiration from some of his earliest memories of music. 

"I grew up with my dad buying concert DVDs and VHS tapes and that were some of my earliest memories of music. It was a lot of big 80s powerbands – like I have a very specific memory of Toto's music being some of the first [music] I've ever heard. So all of that trickles through and that influence is thick in 'Angel Baby'," he shares.

This, of course, is coupled with his ever-prominent love for contemporary pop and his unique sense of musicality. 

"I always listen to pop music and I think it naturally will always positively infiltrate my brain. I'm always listening to what's 'cool' right now but I also try to make a conscious effort to make stuff that's exciting to me and hopefully to the people that listen to my music as well," Troye adds. 

"I always push myself to find that balance between knowing that I like it because people are listening to it at the moment and I like it because I genuinely like it."

Prior to the release of the new single, Troye described the track as "an updated Blue Neighbourhood", referring to his debut album from 2015. 

"I just feel more confident and I think you can hear that in my music. 'Angel Baby' was a new side of my voice and that felt really exciting. It's just about having more confidence in the process," he says on his artistic growth through the years. 

"When I first started, I had to throw a million things at the wall to see what sticks but now, I feel like I just know how to get from point A to point B a little easier. Other than that, it's still the same process – I just feel more comfortable and confident doing it."


ANGEL BABY out so soon

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Looking back on his journey, Troye shares how's he's most grateful for his fans who have grown up alongside him since starting as a YouTuber over a decade ago. 

"I've seen my demographic change over time and it's so cool. I started making YouTube videos when I was 12 and I'm 26 now so it's been a really really long time and some people have been there the whole time. It's really cool and it's the most flattering thing, and I'm so appreciative that they've stuck around as long as they have," he says.

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'Angel Baby' comes as the first of many songs Troye has slated for the coming months. Taking the time out of his studio session to speak to media from Southeast Asia, the 'Strawberries & Cigarettes' act shared how he's been relentless working on new music and how it's helped him through some difficult times. 

"I'm at my happiest when I'm songwriting and there have been times I felt like I really really needed songwriting. I think about the song 'could cry just thinkin about you' that I put out on my EP last year; I was having the worse day and I was crying in my kitchen, writing the song and I just felt so much better afterwards," he says. 

"You can communicate so much with words and then when you start adding sonics, chords, and sounds, you can communicate an actual feeling rather than just explaining to someone how you feel. It's like letting them into your brain for a second and showing them how you feel."

He also has a music video for the new single due for release soon. When asked about the upcoming visual, Troye shared, "Just like how the song is a complete fantasy, the music video is a complete fantasy as well. It's really a celebration of queer love in a really beautiful way."

Beyond music, Troye has also delved into the world of acting and fashion. Most recently, the 'Easy' hitmaker starred in the drama film Boy Erased, and walked as part of Rihanna's Savage X Fenty 2021 show, and even attended this year's Met Gala

Speaking on the lattermost event, Troye shared his experience hanging out with Lil Nas X and the impact he's had on queer artists and people everywhere. 

"You really can't overstate how important [Lil Nas X] is. He's been so inspiring to me because he understands that it's okay to take up space. I think before, I was happy I was queer and I knew that the people that listened to my music were cool with it but I still did that thing – that a lot of queer people do – where you hang in the shadows," he shares. 

"He's done the complete opposite of that, so successfully and so beautifully, and that's really inspiring. He's like 'I'm going for it and the world can change up', and I think that's so cool."

Having been in the music industry for over seven years, Troye has had his fair share of growth and lessons. When asked how he continues to sustain an impressive career, he says, "I would say to make stuff that you actually like because chances are someone else is going to like it too."

"I couldn't care less about my trajectory as far as numbers and everything, I just want to keep it exciting for myself and everyone and make stuff that I'm proud of."

Listen to Troye Sivan 'Angel Baby' here.