Asia Spotlight: Jamie talks starting anew, being in her element, and creating new bops

Asia Spotlight: Jamie talks starting anew, being in her element, and creating new bops

New chapters are tough. Whether it’s actual ones in books or figurative ones in real life, there’s always a wave of hesitation and anxiousness that washes over you. This year, Jamie knew that more than anyone.

The Korean singer-songwriter started her musical career in 2011, winning the first-ever season of the singing competition K-pop Star. Since then, the ‘Stay Beautiful’ act has spent the majority of her time under the public eye, be it as an artist or host. 

After almost a decade, the singer’s starting anew and it all starts with being unapologetically herself. 


Jamie, who was previously artistically known as Park Jimin, found her love for music at a young age, thanks to her parents. 

“[My love for music] came from my parents, my mom and daddy used to sing all the time – especially since my dad was in a band. He used to play guitar with my mom sing casually and that was a very common thing they did when I finished school and came home,” she tells Bandwagon

It was even her parents who helped her pursue a career in music; in fact, it was actually her mom who sent in Jamie’s audition tape for K-pop Star all those years ago.  

“My mom and dad wanted me to sing and also I had a lot of fun singing in front of people on stages, so my parents stopped their work in Thailand and came back to Korea just because of music, just because they wanted to teach me how to do music in a professional way,” she shares. 

After winning the competition, Jamie went on to join the pop duo 15& and later become one of Korea’s most recognised soloists. Previously signed under one of K-pop’s heavy hitters JYP Entertainment, the singer made a name for herself with her powerful yet soothing voice and diverse range of genres. 

Describing her music as a wide spectrum of vibrant colours, Jamie refuses to stick to one sound. 

“It’s always different, it’s always different emotions and that’s why I’d like to make [music] in a way that no one can really describe it in one word. I would like to have listeners to have a lot of surprises whenever I come back with a new song because it’s not what they expected,” she says. 

In her almost decade long career, Jamie’s discography spans emotional ballads to fierce breakup anthems and encompasses everything from pop to R&B. But at the center of it all are her real stories and experiences. 

“It’s always my daily life. It’s what comes to me, what I feel while I’m in love or while I’m having fun, when I’m depressed, when I’m sad – it’s always there and it’s always me who makes music, so that would be the core of all my music,” the ‘Stars’ act shares. 

“I’m not ashamed to show it all to other people because everyone feels the same emotion in different ways.”

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One of her most popular songs, ‘Stay Beautiful’, is a testament to just that. Candid and relatable, the trap-infused R&B track narrates a message of confidence and self-assurance. 

When asked why she thought the song continues to resonate with so many people, Jamie shares, “I think it’s because it’s real. Even though you try to make songs as real as it can be, it cannot compare to real emotions. ‘Stay Beautiful’ is one of the songs that I can definitely say came from my emotions that is really real and very straightforward."

“It’s a song that I want to say to the person I love. It can touch a lot of friends and people who maybe want to be the person who feels the lyrics or wants to say what’s in the lyrics, so I’m really thankful for that.”

While Jamie has always been genuine in her music, her new chapter takes it to a whole new level. 

This year, the singer revealed that she signed to Warner Music Korea – becoming the label’s first K-pop act and that’s she’s shedding her artist name “Park Jimin” for “Jamie” – a name she’s always used in her private life. Armed with a new edgy sound and an incredible sense of self, the singer is now completely in her element. 

As the first step of her new journey, Jamie released ‘Numbers’ in collaboration with rapper CHANGMO. A track that calls out those who care for social media stats and clouts, the singer also recently released an English version of the song titled 'No Numbers' featuring H1GHR MUSIC's JMIN

"I don’t really care about the numbers and I don’t really look at people and count them as numbers. I want a lot of people to feel that way cause these days, a lot of people judge by your numbers – money, followers, views, scores but that’s not who you are. That number is just a small thing, maybe you can strive for but it’s not all you can see, " she shares.

Despite entering a new era, in more ways than one, Jamie still holds the same mission: "Let's not fake music."

"Let’s not fake my lyrics, let’s not fake what I am, let’s not lie about what I feel, let’s not do something that I’ll be shy for. Loving someone, hating someone, having fun with my friends, having a very bad day, all those emotions are something that I want to put on in my music," she shares. 

You can easily tell Jamie's a person destined to make music. Ambitious, determined and innately in tune with herself, the singer creates music that resonates deep within you, whether it's her real heartfelt stories or her catchy and captivating melodies. 

"The day that I felt ‘Oh now I can be a singer, now I want to sing’ and the first time that I wrote my songs will be the moment that I will never forget," she says. 

"People send me a lot of messages saying that they’ve been encouraged by my music, or they have been touched, or they have been helped through my music is something that I really wanted to show out in my music career. When that happens, it’s the biggest moment that encourages me to keep doing music."

Even with almost a decade's worth of work behind her, the 'Count you out' act's career is merely beginning.

From wanting to perform outside of Korea to sharing an entire collection of stories and emotions with her listeners across the world, Jamie still has a lot she wants to achieve – all starting a new song slated for release by the end of the year. 

"It’s a song that I really liked as soon as I heard it. It’s going to be the first song that’s going to be all in English as JAMIE, and I hope you guys really like it as much as I do," Jamie says. 

Listen to Jamie's 'No Numbers' featuring JMIN here.