BTS' 'In the Soop,' BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN's 'Rock with You,' ENHYPEN's 'BORDER: CARNIVAL,' Jin's 'Super Tuna' top 2021 Weverse fandom trends

BTS' 'In the Soop,' BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN's 'Rock with You,' ENHYPEN's 'BORDER: CARNIVAL,' Jin's 'Super Tuna' top 2021 Weverse fandom trends


Weverse just revealed their top trends for 2021.

The global community platform gives us a run-down of the top trends among global fandoms looking at the most popular hashtags, keywords, and posts over the course of the year - from new artists to the total number of members.

This year, 23 new artist communites joined the platform, tallying up the total artist teams on Weverse to 36. These include the likes of Cherry Bullet, New Hope Club, TREASURE, FTISLAND, iKON, STAYC, ONEUS, WINNER, and BLACKPINK, whose arrival on the platform in August caused a spike in visitors. Including duplicate subscribers, the total number of Weverse subscribers surpassed 36 million in 238 countries and regions, an increase from 26.8 million last year.

The total number of posts approximately doubled as well compared to the previous year, surpassing 240 million as of 14 December. The cumulative number of comments reached 460 million while the comments written by artists themselves made up 120,000. 


3rd August was a big day for Weverse with BLACKPINK's arrival earning the quickest accumulation of fan subscriptions — over one million on the first day of launch.

On the same day, BTS' single 'Butter' became their 9th chart-topper on Billboard Hot 100, making it the top day with the most visitors on the platform as fans flooded in to welcome BLACKPINK and congratulate BTS.

Following after was the reveal of BTS Jin's viral 'SUPER TUNA' on 9th December. 

15th October is third on the list of Days with most visitors as SEVENTEEN released their tracklist and title track 'Rock With You' for their 9th mini-album Attacca, and the screening of the first episode of BTS In the Soop Season 2.

The most popular hashtags were #BTS, with 1.96 million followed by #BLINK_in_Weverse in second place with 240,000 hashtags in lieu of BLACKPINK's arrival on the platform. In third place, #CARNIVALwith EUGENE had 230,000 posts discussing ENHYPEN's 2nd mini album BORDER: CARNIVAL

Weverse has continued to expand non-contact interaction this year, encapsulated in the 2021 Fandom Keyword 'Connecting online'. Artists themselves showed frequent engagement on the platform with fans, with fromis_9's Song Hayoung recorded the highest number of 86 interactions sharing her life with fans. Events such as online live streaming concerts online fan-meets, 1-on-1 video chats, online listening parties and more helped Artists to connect with fans and garner their support such as ENHYPEN's fandom, EUGENE, launching a mention party with the hashtags #BeOurCompanion and #nowboarding for the group's second fan meet 'EN:CONNECT: COMPANION' on Weverse. 

Since the shift to online interactions, the nature of interactions between artists and fans online has evolved. BTS' Jungkook composed a song using their ARMY's 'moment' comments, while member V hosted an acrostic poems event with "Mikrokosmos", submitting his own video entry and video response. SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan watched a volleyball game in real-time with his fans, using post comments to communicate with them, and TXT's Beomgyu enjoyed a mobile rhythm game with fans. New Hope Club also uploaded covers of BTS and TXT and exchanged thoughts with their fans afterwards. 

Weverse are wrapping up 2021 with a New Year's Eve concert titled Weverse Con 2022. On the lineup are Justin Bieber, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, fromis_9Bumzu, Dvwn, Lee Hyun, and TXT.