BTS drop ARMY PLAYLIST for fandom's 8th anniversary – watch

BTS drop ARMY PLAYLIST for fandom's 8th anniversary – watch

BTS and ARMY are celebrating their 8th anniversary this weekend!

To mark the milestone, BTS have prepared a special surprise for ARMY (fans of BTS). On 8 July, the group shared a teaser for their "birthday present from BTS!" - ARMY Playlist. 

The tracklist includes - RM's 'Bicycle,' Jin's 'Abyss,' V's 'Snow Flower,' Jungkook's 'Still With You,' J-hope's 'Hope World,' SUGA's  '사람 (People)' under his moniker, Agust D, and Jimin's 'Filter'. ARMY Playlist, which features performances of the members' solo songs, dropped on 9 July, the date of ARMY's 8th birthday.


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A special day for both BTS and ARMY, 9 July is also the release date of their 'Butter' CD single, along with their upcoming song 'Permission To Dance.'

The global superstars have a full schedule lined up on BTS ARMY DAY starting with the 'Butter' CD single drop at 1 PM KST/JST (12 PM PHT/SGT, 12 AM EST), followed by A Butterful Day with BTS on Naver Now - a special talk show, as well as the performance debut of 'Permission To Dance' at 9 PM KST/JST (8 PM PHT/SGT/ 8 AM EST).

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In true ARMY tradition, fans have also prepared countless birthday presents for BTS which kicked off this June - including the #WordsByARMY project, a collection of stories from fans all over the world about how BTS has touched their lives in different ways.

Watch BTS' with 'Butter' here: