Filipino BTS ARMY adopt 8 whales in celebration of the group's 8th anniversary

Filipino BTS ARMY adopt 8 whales in celebration of the group's 8th anniversary

Whalien has finally been heard, thanks to Filipino ARMYs.

Filipino fanbase Titas of BTS on loving and supporting each other through the ongoing pandemic with music and stories

In celebration of BTS' upcoming 8th anniversary, several groups of Filipino ARMYs got together to jumpstart Whalien is Finally Heard, an initiative that led to the adoption of eight whales from the Babuyan Marine Corridor through Seven of these whales were named after members of BTS and the eighth was named after BTS ARMY.


BTS first began paying tribute to the 52-hertz whaleΒ or"the loneliest whale in the world", through their song 'Whalien 52' and with their visual for 'We are Bulletproof: the Eternal'.

The whale that inspired the imagery is known to sing at a frequency of 52 Hz, higher than their usual frequency of 10-40 Hz.

Singing about the 52-hertz whale stands as the group's metaphor for those who feel alienated and don't have a voice against older generations.

Numerous fans compare it to BTS' history as the underdog K-Pop group from a relatively small label that worked hard to have their voices heard in the music industry. The 'Dynamite' act have since toured the world, received countless awards, and broken one record after another in their wake.

BTS are celebrating their 8th birthday with ARMY this June with another edition of FESTA, as well as the 2-day online affair, MUSTER SOWOOZOO.

Check out BTS' latest record-breaking single 'Butter' below.