BTS' RM reunites with singer-songwriter John Eun for new FESTA song, 'Bicycle' – listen

BTS' RM reunites with singer-songwriter John Eun for new FESTA song, 'Bicycle' – listen

BTS' RM just released a new song entitled 'Bicycle,' as part of the ongoing FESTA celebrations.

BTS leader RM reunited with 'Hope' singer-songwriter John Eun in writing, producing, and arranging the new track made especially for ARMY (fans of BTS). In a post on Bangtan Blog, RM writes about how he's always talking about bicycles so he wanted to make a song about it. He also shares how he hopes this song can be a gift to be added to ARMY's playlists.

슬프면 자전거를 타자 (If you're sad, ride a bike)

바람을 두 발 아래 두자 (Let the wind be under your feet)

오 자전거를 타자 (oh let's ride a bike)

두 팔을 자유로이 벌리며 (open your arms freely)

In his note, RM also reveals that the cover art featuring a drawing of a bicycle amongst plants was created by South Korean artist, Sungsic Moon.


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Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, Eun shares how extremely lucky and blessed he is to make music with a friend that he resonates with both personally and musically. "Thank you, RM for your friendship and for always keeping me motivated to be a better musician/human. I couldn’t have asked for a better mate," Eun adds.

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'Bicycle' is RM's first solo offering since 2018's 'mono' mixtape. 

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Songs previously released for FESTA include new renditions and self-written songs by the BTS members – V and J-hope's 'Hug Me (안아줘),' RM and Jungkook's 'I Know (알아요),' 'Young Forever (0613 ver.),' RM and V's '4 O'CLOCK,' Jin, SUGA, and Jungkook's 'So Far Away,' Jimin and Jungkook's 'We Don't Talk Anymore,'  'Spring Day 봄날 (Brit Rock Remix),' Jin's 'Tonight,' and Jungkook's 'Still With You'. 

The FESTA celebrations will culminate on 13 and 14 June with MUSTER SOWOZOO, an online fanmeet. Find out more here.

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