"Racism is not comedy." BTS ARMY continue to stand together against racism and xenophobia

"Racism is not comedy." BTS ARMY continue to stand together against racism and xenophobia

BTS fans are once again standing together against racism and xenophobia. 

Over the weekend, the global pop group were the subject of a parody sketch by the Chilean comedy show, Mi Barrio. The skit featured a group of actors imitating members of BTS while mocking the Korean language and Korean names.


Following the incident,  BTS ARMY (fans of BTS) from all over the world took to social media to reiterate the seriousness of racism and xenophobia and how it should not be tolerated via the hashtag, #RacismIsNotComedy.

Mi Barrio issued a statement regarding the performance on their official Instagram, where they state their dedication to their mission of "[bringing] fun to families" and "contributing a little humour and fun".

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Fans, including their Chilean fanbase, were quick to respond that racism is not a joke or a means of comedy. 

The incident follows a series of recent racist acts made against BTS. Earlier this year, the multi-awarded and GRAMMY-nominated group were subjected to racist remarks and irreverent comparisons made to the COVID-19 pandemic by German Bayern 3 presenter Mattias Matunschik. Just last month, collectible company Topps was under fire for a satirical image that saw the group bruised and beaten by a GRAMMY as part of their latest card collection.

Amidst the rising cases of Anti-Asian hate, BTS issued a statement standing up to acts of racism. "We stand against discrimination, we condemn violence. You, I, and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together," BTS wrote via their Twitter account. 

Most recently, BTS also continued their commitment for their 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign with UNICEF that aims to end violence and promote self-love. This comes as the campaign's 5th year, after first launching in 2017. 

To donate to the #StopAsianHate fund, click here

To report anti-Asian violence and hate in America, you may reach out to the Asian American Justice Center and Stop AAPI Hate