Feeling down? Here's a list of songs from Filipino artists (and causes you can support) to lift your spirits this quarantine season

Feeling down? Here's a list of songs from Filipino artists (and causes you can support) to lift your spirits this quarantine season

It is said that we are grieving. Almost a month into the Enhanced Community Quarantine and with an additional (tentatively) 15 days to go, we definitely feel that way. 

In such trying times, art has been our salvation: reading books, sketching and painting, watching movies we missed or revisiting our favorite TV shows, learning new choreography for your new TikTok account, hanging out with our pets, playing video games (our current fave: Animal Crossing), maybe even singing karaoke. It is through creativity, our own or of others, that we can chase away the looming black cloud that has been around since the lockdown was announced. 

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Music, of course, serves as a main source of inspiration and strength. When the world started to need a little lovin', many were quick to offer a song. And there really seems to be one for every situation.

Here are some of the songs from our favorite Filipino artists to help lift your spirits:


Feeling lonely? Listen to:

'Umagang Kay Ganda,' Bamboo

Halika na. Pumikit, limutin ang problema. Hihintayin.

The Tillie Moreno original already sends the message of hope across really well. There is something about this version, though, that makes it more uplifting. The arrangement, with the drums and those guitar riffs, is a light-hearted reminder that you are absolutely not alone in this at all.

Inspired to help? A good morning is marked by a beautiful sunrise, and arguably the most breathtaking ones are seen in Baler, Aurora. The surfers in this town are daily wage earners whose livelihood relies on tourism. Let's make sure the surf town that has brought us endless summers survive the pandemic. Share some love through P100 for 100 surf instructors. This group also started P100 for 100 in Liwliwa, an initiative that aims to help a community in the Liwliwa, Zambales

'You’ll Be Safe Here,' Rivermaya

Save your eyes from your tears. 'Cause when nothing seems clear, you'll be safe here.

This hit is known to draw up a lot of feelings, not just in the country but also across Southeast Asia. It emphasizes that we might have no idea why this is happening right now, but we can find solace in the arms of our lovers, family or friends, notwithstanding their physical presence.

Inspired to help? Rico Blanco sings about being safe from a world becoming insincere and 'from the sheer weight of your doubts and fears.' Even though they usually support child-related endeavors, Love Education Philippines wants to keep more people safe. They aim to feed 200 tricycle drivers, pedicab drivers, and construction workers in Sta. Ana Tondo, Manila, as well as to produce PPEs for San Pablo City medical frontliners. Learn more about them here.

Dealing with cabin fever? Listen to:

'I Rose Up Slowly,' Clara Benin

Come invade my atmosphere. Inhale light and exhale fear.

Being cooped up for quite a time makes it is so easy to feel miserable. Take a deep breath and listen to this single from Clara Benin's newest EP. We may not be able to explore the world at the moment, but we can always try to discover new things about ourselves. 

Inspired to help? A line from the song mentions knowing it's darkest before the dawn, and we're sure our frontliners can relate. Aside from honoring their bravery by staying at home, make sure that they are at the very least eating well by donating to Frontline Feeders PH, a group of individuals (including doctors, restaurant owners, and NGOs) that mobilize food distribution to different hospitals in the Metro and in neighboring cities. Click here to donate.

'Wildwood,' Reese Lansangan

I've got a roof over my head, I've got a warm blanket on my bed.

When being cooped up seems overwhelming, it is great to be reminded that 'all you need is right here.' Reese Lansangan sings about being content with having the essentials, which allows us to reflect on how fortunate we are amidst the situation.

Inspired to help? Remember how art helps? Well, it now goes beyond your boredom or anxiety. See art and anecdote pieces by Filipino writers and artists in First there were rocks, then there was the world, an e-book available for purchase now. All proceeds are for the benefit of our frontliners: nurses, doctors, janitorial and security personnel, farmers and fisherfolk. Check it out here.

Stressed with social media? Listen to:

'Ili (Hush),' Bea Lorenzo

When the battle is done, how long before we recover? If the battle is won, how then do we face each other?

Beyond Bea Lorenzo's rendition of 'With A Smile,' this kalimba artist has created the perfect little hymn to go with your early morning coffee. Breathe in some soothing vibes before you go online. Rid yourself of the toxicity, and remember that tact and respect goes a long way when driving a point home.

Inspired to help? Doesn't 'Ili' remind you of a relaxing vacation at the beach? Unfortunately, this isn't the break we wanted, and the same goes for those in La Union. Help by donating to surfers whose livelihood has been affected through Salty Kids of Elyu and to the frontliners of the community through San Juan Resort Restaurant and Hotel Association (SJRRHASS).

'Liwanag sa Dilim,' Rivermaya

At sa paghamon mo sa agos ng ating kasaysayan, uukit ka ng bagong daan.

It's easy to go crazy when your only window to the outside world is filled with weird opinions, disparaging comments, and support of bad decisions (or the lack thereof). Stay true to yourself, stand your ground and don't ever lose the strength to continue doing your part in battling this virus out.

Inspired to help? We already know that the youth plays an important part in shaping history, and so it is important to take care of them. Right now, some students from UP Los Banos remain away from their families as they have been stranded in Laguna since the ECQ. With just PHP 60, you buy a student a meal through Ate Rica's Bacsilog. Help feed the students here.

Pressured to be creative or productive? Listen to: 

'LMNOP,' Leanne and Naara

Voices say my time is running out. Just sing me a song and I'll be fine.

Listen closely: the song goes beyond just putting out a pen and writing. Leanne and Naara's feel-good note to take things slow is our jam. The melody alone is enough to put it on repeat. Bonus points for ending the song with a motivator: "OK, I'll try it again."

Inspired to help? Your art can! Sticker for Food PH encourages artists to submit drawings of any food item to be posted on a website, print them and sell them as stickers. All profits and proceeds will help feed our frontliners. Check here to know how you can submit your stickers or buy a one or two soon.

'Here Today,' Coeli

I take pride on how you get by everyday, your victories, no matter how mundane. Sometimes you may drown in sorrow. Well, it’s all okay.

This song from Coeli's EP of the same title tells you that your feelings are valid, regardless of how petty they may be. Your achievements are important, regardless of how small they may seem. And you are appreciated, regardless of how productive you are during this quarantine.

Inspired to help? The LGBTQIA+ community always finds the strength to get through every day and night beyond the lockdown and in spite of everything. Part of this community is the Home for the Golden Gays, a care facility in Pasay for the elderly and homeless gays. Find out how you can support them here

Need to draw strength for the upcoming days? Listen to:

Fools, The Ransom Collective

Eventually, we'll fall asleep, and dream about these past three weeks or lie awake and dedicate, our thoughts to finding what it means.

How apt is that first line for this week? More apt, though, is the message of this piece. The Ransom Collective couldn't have said it better: 'Hope will take its toll, and ignite your soul.'

Inspired to help? As mentioned in the song, there are those who will follow the flashes in the dark and won't stop until they find where to start. We can send sparks of hope in small quantities by helping communities in Payatas, Quezon City and in Quiapo, Manila who are also victims of COVID-19. Read more about it here.

Huwag Kang Matakot, Eraserheads

Huwag kang matakot dahil ang buhay mo'y walang katapusan. Makapangyarihan ang pag-ibig na hawak mo sa 'yong kamay.

An easy listen, this Eraserheads song assures that you have the courage to go through anything because 'ikaw ang Diyos at hari ng iyong mundo. Matakot sila sa 'yo.'

Inspired to help? One of the bravest frontliners whom we fail to notice are our farmers who, despite the circumstances, are still working to make sure that we get the food we need. The best we can do is make sure that they are equipped with PPEs, vitamins, and other medicine that they might need. Help protect the ones in Quezon province here.

Unsure about tomorrow? Listen to:

A Call to Arms, Urbandub

Spread your arms and keep your head held high. Good things are better taken in the less you notice.

Nothing is a more perfect battle cry for those who are afraid that they might lose everything. This Urbandub anthem is for you who think you have nobody to turn to and nowhere to go. This is, indeed, your call to arms.

Inspired to help? Live event freelancers embody the witnesses to a city that never sleeps. Their jobs know no sense of time, and yet they soldier on to make sure we have the best experiences in concerts, festivals and the like. With no events lined up for the next couple of months, these individuals are the first hit by the economic effect of the pandemic. Some musicians have pledged support through Faith Over Fear, and so can you. Find out how here.

Umaaraw, Umuulan, Rivermaya

Wag kang maawa sa iyong sarili, isipin na wala ka nang silbi. 'Sang dambuhalang kalokohan. Bukas sisikat din muli ang araw ngunit para lang sa may tiyagang maghintay.

That line perfectly encapsulates the best piece of advice you can give to yourself. While everything seems to be all doom and gloom right now, but know that everything will soon pass. We just have to embrace what we are facing now and recover from it, step by step.

Inspired to help? There's a set of very special people who make sure that our favorite musicians are ready during their gigs and events. These are the roadies, individuals who make sure the instruments, sound systems and a lot of other things are okay before, during and even after a musician uses them. This time, it's our turn to help them and make sure they're okay through Raise Funds for Roadies. You can learn about how to help here.