Guns N' Roses RFID refunds now available for collection

Guns N' Roses RFID refunds now available for collection

Guns N' Roses fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your unused money in your RFID tags is now available for collection.

Concert organizers LAMC Productions have set up a standalone website to coordinate the refunds, which will be made through PayPal — requiring concertgoers to sign up for the service in order to receive their remaining balance.

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Sandpiper, the RFID tag providers, announced today (14/3) that they had remitted all existing funds to LAMC, and now the organizers have taken action to begin the refunding process. 

RFID tag owners can log into the portal set up by LAMC — you'll also need to enter the 8 alpha-numeric serial number found on each wristband, and the portal will guide you through every other step.

Fans clamored for RFID credit balance refunds after they were left unable to purchase food and drinks at the concert, held at Changi Exhibition Centre on February 25th, due to excessively long queues and limited stock.

If all goes well, this will be the final loose end from the controversial show, where fans were also left unhappy with transportation and overall organization at the massive venue in the East.

The band's performance was pretty awesome, though.