Nathan Hartono, Leanne & Naara, Hanin Dhiya, Anri Kumaki, and more band together to raise mental health awareness with Project Unsung

Nathan Hartono, Leanne & Naara, Hanin Dhiya, Anri Kumaki, and more band together to raise mental health awareness with Project Unsung

The music world has been gearing up to raise awareness on mental health with World Mental Health Day around the corner.

Launching the campaign ‘Project Unsung’, Warner Music Asia has roped in the region’s biggest artists to chip in their experiences with mental health. This is an effort to destigmatise and encourage talk around the topic, in and out of the music industry. 

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Artists participating in Southeast Asia include Nathan Hartono and Jasmine Sokko from Singapore, Leanne & Naara, and St. Wolf from Philippines, Hanin Dhiya, Suara Kayu, and Rahmania Astrini from Indonesia, Anri Kumaki from Japan, and more. See below for the full list of artists:

  • Nathan Hartono (Singapore)
  • Jasmine Sokko (Singapore)
  • Leanne & Naara (Philippines)
  • St. Wolf (Philippines)
  • Hanin Dhiya (Indonesia)
  • Suara Kayu (Indonesia)
  • Rahmania Astrini (Indonesia)
  • Aizat Amdan (Malaysia)
  • Young Hysan (Hong Kong)
  • Dough-Boy (Hong Kong)
  • Kiiara (USA)
  • Soleima (Denmark)
  • Anri Kumaki (Japan)
  • D Gerrard (Thailand)
  • Pyra (Thailand)
  • Sam Feldt (Netherlands)
  • Elderbrook (UK)

On participating in the project, Nathan Hartono said, “I feel like even though the taboo is slowly being lifted on mental health, it’s still tough to talk about your feelings. I’ve definitely struggled to share my own emotions in the past and music has served as a great outlet to express myself. I hope that by opening up on the topic it encourages more people to do the same, and to understand that it’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes and share what might make us feel sad or depressed.”

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“Dig a little deeper and find the love I keep to myself. I’d show what’s underneath here but I can’t do it if you don’t help. So help me. Help me Dig Deep.” Asking for help can be the hardest thing to do. I have often felt like my problems didn’t matter, and because of that, I never gave myself the chance to feel heard. We all have special someones in our lives just waiting to be reached out to. You are never alone. Speaking up is hard but it’s the first important move you have to make. #ProjectUnsung is a proud supporter of the @gospeakyourmind movement in empowering those who are suffering in silence. #moveformentalhealth

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“It’s great so many artists are using their music in a different and unexpected way in this campaign to help dispel the stigma around talking about mental health.  This is an issue that can affect people from all walks of life, which is why we feel so strongly about enabling discussions and making sure we look out for each other.  We hope this will encourage more people to speak up, particularly in Asia where talking about your mental health has historically been perceived as a sign of weakness,” added Becky Yeung, Head of Brand Partnerships, Warner Music Asia.

SuperM to join World Health Organisation’s The Big Event for Mental Health

‘Project Unsung’ is created in support of the Speak Your Mind campaign, powered by United for Global Mental Health ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October. It falls under the specialist charity’s 24-hour virtual March for Mental Health, which promotes change and investment in mental health globally.

Watch the campaign video for ‘Project Unsung’ below. Individual clips of the artists can be found on their own social media channels. 

Listen to their playlist featuring songs from the campaign, and others that touch on mental health here.