Roll Call with Shanne Dandan

Roll Call with Shanne Dandan

Shanne Dandan is more than just her music and her massive curls. The singer-songwriter, who made her rise under the supervision of Broadway star Lea Salonga on The Voice Kids, is currently taking up a degree in interior design and has stood at the helm as art director for IV Of Spades.

In our new interview series, Roll Call, we ask artists to answer random questions with photos from their camera roll. In this edition, we've asked the 'Nag-iisa' singer to share with us her latest eats, OOTDs, and more.

What's the last thing you ate?


I didn't take a photo of the last thing I ate but it was Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. Thanks to Google!

What did you do last night?

I just stayed up all night watching Liza Minelli's cabaret videos. My favorite is 'I Gotcha' which was choreographed by the legendary Bob Fosse. I love broadway, burlesque, and cabaret!

What's the one thing you can't live without?

Nature. I will be forever in awe and also be forever inspired by all the beauty in this world. Truly, God is the most amazing artist. 

Show us your most recent OOTD.

My most recent OOTD was the outfit I wore at Awit Awards 2018. IV of Spades' 'Where Have You Been, My Disco?' music video won Music Video of the Year! I was the art director of that and it felt surreal climbing up the stage as a visual artist.

What's the last selfie you took?

I took this selfie before leaving home for school just the other day.

What's the last screenshot you took?

This is my peg for a midterm plate in a drawing class. I am currently a freshman taking up BS Interior Design in Benilde School of Design and Arts. Here's a photo of my final plate, too! 

Who are your favorite people in the world?

My family, of course. And this cupcake.

Show us a good photo of a bad hair day./ Show us a bad photo of a good hair day.

First photo is a bad frizzy hair day I had when I sang a jazz set for an event in Shangri-La Mall EDSA. The second one is a really good hair day in Baguio, it was a late morning and the sun was really hot. I just wanted to take a happy selfie under the scorching sun, I didn't expect the photo would look like this, hahahaha.

What's your favorite hair product?

I can't live without Splash Hair Control Cream. I don't have a photo of it in my camera roll, thanks to Google. Again.

Last album/book you bought.

I just bought A Map of Days by Ransom Riggs earlier today! It's by far my most favorite book series. I've been reading it since Junior High School that's why when the 4th book came out, I was super excited to buy it.

How did you get started in music?

I started showing signs of interest in music when I was just 2–humming and jamming to lullabies. When I was six, my mom enrolled me into a music school and that was basically how it all started. I just sang many songs and when I turned thirteen, I started exploring music in depth. I listened to jazz, soul, blues, and pretty much got hooked to it. It influenced me to create my own music. [I'm] inspired by the craft of some artists I love: Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Yebba.

I started writing at a young age, but never did I think that beautiful words can also come with beautiful melodies. The first song I've written was 'Beauty in Change,' when I was sixteen. I discovered the magic of songwriting and that was the start of something new and wonderful in my love and passion for music.

How do you balance your time and energy between school and your music career?

I am currently having a hard time balancing my time between being an art student and my music career. I recently realized that visual art and music are a whole lot different from each other, but both equally hard to do. Whenever I have no plates to do, I usually inspire myself into writing songs by reading books and watching films/documentaries. It's like squeezing the creative juice out of the music part of my mind. My energy in both fields of art is usually balanced. I am excited about creating both visual and auditory art.

What's next for you as a musician?

I really can't say it now because I, myself, don't know what's next, too. I'll just keep on creating words and melodies and I would love for everyone to hear it.

Watch Shanne Dandan's 'Nag-iisa' video below.