An SB19 fan takes us through the A'TIN's year-long journey

An SB19 fan takes us through the A'TIN's year-long journey

There's nothing like the power of a fan's undying love.

Every fan has their own journey in discovering their favorite bands. From randomly catching them live, accidentally stumbling on them online, to being friends with them right from the start. Wherever your story begins, it's always something that becomes a true part of your life that brings joy.

SB19's A'TIN are without a doubt one of the most dedicated Filipino fandoms out there. You can always count on them to show their support for the 'Alab' act. But their support doesn't end with the band—A'TIN take the extra mile to hold crossover listening parties with other fandoms and even relief drives for those in need.


Bandwagon caught up with one of A'TIN Philippines' admins, Rahj Almazan, to talk the magic of SB19, how their fandom organizes itself across continents, and their dreams for the 'Hanggang Sa Huli' group in time for the fandom's first anniversary.

How did you first discover SB19?

They were a part of several cover groups that made marks in the K-pop community back in the days. Some members I met through common friends.

What is it about their music that clicked with you so well that you decided to take the lead in the fanbase?

This is a funny story. So when they said they will be training to become an idol group we joked and laughed about me, being their fan club president over coffee bondings and food trips.

We imagined and talked about me handing over banners, making Facebook pages, voting on music charts and leading fan chants. When this all happened, those jokes turned to reality. I made sure to watch and see them perform during their early debut days because as we all know beginnings are tough.

No one knew them that much, so I went to places to support them just to make sure that even if no one appreciates them or their music I would be there to applaud and cheer them on. 

What's your favorite SB19 moment?

My favorite SB19 moment would be the Manila leg of their concert entitled Get In The Zone. Among all the events that happened after their 'Go Up' dance practice video went viral, it was at this concert that I saw thousands of fans wanting to see them. I truly felt that this time, I was no longer the only one who cheered for them.

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What are SB19 like to their fans?

SB19 has always been down to earth and accommodating to their fans. Sometimes they get scolded for being too extra with fan service. They love the fans so much that they work hard to give them the best of everything.

What does it take to be a part of A'TIN? What makes you proud to be a member of this fanbase?

Of course, you’ve got to love SB19—thats the core. No matter what efforts you do for them may it be on the chill side of supporting or the extremes. Once you love SB19, you are A’TIN. You matter. You are appreciated. 

One thing that makes me so proud of being a part of this is how we all helped to put SB19 where they are now.  

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You seem to be a seamlessly organised group (working across continents), how do you work together for your SB19 goals?  

I personally take pride in how passionate A’TIN are in supporting SB19. Our fandom is blessed to be filled with natural leaders and creatives that put great ideas into action; working hand in hand to accomplish our common goal of helping SB19 in reaching their dreams. 

What are your dreams for SB19?

My dream, and probably every A’TIN’s dream is for them to become artists that are still down to earth (like how they are now) while conquering the world with their music and making our three stars and a sun known across the globe through what they do. 

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Stream SB19's Get In The Zone below.