Universal Music Greater China launches domestic branches of Republic Records, EMI, and more

Universal Music Greater China launches domestic branches of Republic Records, EMI, and more

The Chinese music industry is upping its game on the world stage.

In an effort to expand the reach of Chinese music around the region, Universal Music Greater China (UMGC) launched a multi-label structure, which includes flagship labels Republic Records China, EMI China, PolyGram Records China, and Universal Music China.

According to a press release, the label brands will be operating independently with their own dedicated artist rosters and A&R and specialist marketing teams. 

Republic Records China, headed by Managing Director Tony Wen, aims to follow in the footsteps of its U.S. label (who represent the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weeknd, Post Malone) to develop Mainland China's next generation of artists and introduce them around the region.

Under the leadership of Garand Wu, Universal Music China brings breakthrough artists Li Nong Chen (陈立农) and Sunnee(杨芸晴) alongside Guo Ding (郭顶), Tanya Chua(蔡健雅), and Tifa Chen(陈梓童) to the forefront of the label.

It will also house China's acclaimed classics and jazz artists from the Deutsche Grammophon and Decca labels with Chinese talents like Lang Lang, Yuja Wang, Xuefei Yang (杨雪霏), Gina Alice (吉娜爱丽丝), Chengyu Cai(蔡程昱), Tao Wang(王弢), and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, alongside Maestro Long Yu (余隆). UMC also represents the Magic Muses label, China's first firm dedicated to film soundtracks and scores.

As part of the UMGC's initiative to broaden the reach of Chinese music, EMI China relaunched under the guidance of Universal Music Taiwan Managing Director Mei Yeh.

So far the label's roster includes the likes of aMei(張惠妹), Rainie Yang(楊丞琳), and Eve Ai(艾怡良).

The relaunch of Polygram Records China comes with a dedicated A&R and marketing team based in Beijing and additional resources from Hong Kong. Led by Universal Music HK Managing Director Duncan Wong, the label aims to bring the spotlight to Cantopop as it has done in the past 50 years.

Its roster includes Alan Tam(譚詠麟), Priscilla Chan(陳慧嫻), Lowell Lo(卢冠廷), Kelly Chen(陳慧琳), AGA(江海迦), Gin Lee(李幸倪), Jace Chan(陳凱詠), Gary Chiu (趙浚承), Mike Tsang (曾比特), and Niu Niu(张胜量).

"We are proud to announce that after 15 years of development in the local market, Universal Music is once again demonstrating its commitment to the Chinese creative community by becoming the first international major music company to launch multilabel operations here," UMGC Chairman & CEO Sunny Chang shares in a statement. "I believe under the new structure of four distinct labels, the star team at UMGC will be able to better support local musicians in a way that is more professional and comprehensive. With an innovative and pioneering spirit, UMGC will develop rising stars from the Chinese market and promote Chinese pop music so that it can be heard an audience around the world."

Universal Music Greater China operates offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei and Hong Kong.