BTS ARMY celebrate RM's birthday with 3D virtual galleries, forest fundraiser, billboards, and more

BTS ARMY celebrate RM's birthday with 3D virtual galleries, forest fundraiser, billboards, and more

It's RM's birthday and ARMY (fans of BTS) all over the world are celebrating!

BTS' leader and main rapper, Kim Namjoon or artistically known as RM is celebrating his 27th birthday on 12 September, and fans are throwing a party with virtual galleries, forest fundraisers, donation drives, and more.

Check out how ARMY from all over the world are celebrating RM's birthday below. 


Virtual Gallery

A lover of art and introspection, RM has been known to enjoy perusing through museums and art galleries and so in honour of the 'moonchild' act, ARMY artists from across the globe came together to host a virtual art gallery.

Made via design platform ohyay, fans have contributed their art inspired by the BTS leader to the gallery for visitors to virtually enjoy in true RM fashion. As part of the gallery, there is also a live chat where you can connect with fellow ARMY. Check out the gallery here

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Forest Fundraisers

In honour of RM, some Filipino ARMY have organised a donation drive to plant trees in Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines. This comes as the latest edition of the tree drive by the fanbase, Kim Namjoon PH who have been running the project since 2018, planting 800 trees over the last two years. 

ARMY all over the world have also hosted a 'Tree 4 Joon' campaign, which has raised over USD 5000, in support of One Tree Planted, a global charity that helps reforestation efforts worldwide. 


Birthday billboards are a given for any idol's birthday, and ARMY did not disappoint when it came to RM. Check out some of them below.

Donation Drives

ARMY in Singapore have started a donation drive in support of Very Special Arts Singapore to honour the 'seoul' hitmaker. 

Meanwhile, One in an ARMY's birthday fundraiser for RM will benefit The Art Creation Foundation for Children in Haiti.

On 13 September, RM went on VLive to hold a post-birthday celebration with fans across the globe. He shared how this is one of the few birthdays he has spent with his family and friends, a new bike given by fellow BTS member, Jin, and how he's been doing throughout the pandemic.


Celebrate RM's birthday with his latest solo track 'Bicycle' here.