EXO’s Baekhyun collaboration with Gen.G esports on PUBG livestream breaks over 500,000 views

EXO’s Baekhyun collaboration with Gen.G esports on PUBG livestream breaks over 500,000 views

Baekhyun livestreamed himself playing PUBG with professional gamers. 

Yesterday night (28/10), the main vocalist of superstar South Korean boy group EXO collaborated with esports organisation Gen.G Esports to play PUBG, a multiplayer mobile video game, on Youtube Live. According to sources, the joint broadcast surpassed 500,000 views, and the edited version will be uploaded onto Baekhyun and Gen.G's Youtube channel shortly.

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UPDATE (13/11): For those that missed the full livestream, a highlight reel is now up on Gen.G's Youtube channel for fans and gamers alike to relive the iconic moments of the gaming collaboration. 


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Supported officially by PUBG, this livestream collaboration has been in the works for months apparently. The star previously took to Twitter in April, asking, “Is there anyone that’s good at Battleground?”.

Shortly after his tweet, tons of gamers replied zealously asking him if he was down for a match, one of which, was Gen.G Esports that replied with, “Were you looking for us? 1st place worldwide PUBG team Gen.G?”.

The conversation went on and when Gen.G offered Baekhyun a chance to play together, the singer-songwriter indubitably jumped on the opportunity. 

Fast forward a few months later, Baekhyun is sitting together with pro-gamers Ionix and Pio as they livestream their gaming shenanigans.

Pio, Baekhyun, Ionix on PUBG

During the stream, Baekhyun mentioned that he only slept three hours last night, but he was having fun learning and playing with the professional gamers.

The three-men squad were bonding over the game, and one of them even offered Baekhyun to join as the fifth member of Gen.G if he learns a little bit more about PUBG.

Check out what went down during the broadcast through these fan reactions. 

Baekhyun is not the only EXO member into gaming, last month, Chanyeol boosted gaming sales for the indie game Among Us when he was lurking in the servers and playing with fans.

Recently, Baekhyun has also been busy preparing for the comeback of SuperM's debut album, SuperOne, which was only released last month. His second solo mini album, Delight, came out earlier this year.

Other members of EXO also kept their schedules occupied as Chen recently released a new single 'Hello' before announcing that he was enlisting to the army, while Lay just started his own entertainment agency. 

EXO are nominated for Favorite Social Artist at the 2020 American Music Awards. Find out how to vote for your fave acts here.