ITZY and TREASURE to launch LINE Friends character sets

ITZY and TREASURE to launch LINE Friends character sets

Two K-Pop acts are now following in the cartoony footsteps of BTS.

Fans of ITZY and TREASURE can soon expect to see their favorite K-Pop idols as little characters with colorful stories on LINE Friends. The upcoming sticker sets—which will also be used in merch and services further down the line—are the latest in LINE FRIENDS' co-created character IPs, taking cues from BTS and their globally loved BT21 characters.

Earlier this month, LINE Friends Creative Academy debuted early rough drafts of ITZY's characters.


The 'Wannabe' act's adorbale characters include Yeji's charming Het, Lia's happy tree sloth Lya, Ryujin's hoodie-wearing monkey Tuk, Chaeryeong's 900-year-old nine tailed fox Chung-ee, and Yuna's cloud-riding rabbit in a cat costume Cabbit.

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12-member rookie group TREASURE are also jumping into this fun new endeavor, bringing "interactive gaming factors" into the initial stage of their characters IPs' developments. TREASURE MAKER, the 'Boy' act's official fandom, are invited to join them on gaming quests to design the appearance of personality of each character.

TREASURE recently released their second single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER TWO.

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Official release dates for the new sticker sets will be announced soon.