Lilystars Records partners with Warner Music Group's ADA Asia

Lilystars Records partners with Warner Music Group's ADA Asia

Lilystars Records has taken a big leap to get bring more Filipino music out into the world.

On Wednesday (07/07), Singapore-based ADA Asia from Warner Music Group's independent artist and label services division has teamed up with the Filipino independent pop label. The deal will support Lilystars' roster through collaborative efforts on new releases, catalogues, and brand partnerships, and to distribute the act's music across South East Asia and beyond.

Lilystars Records is the first Philippine-based partner of ADA Asia, who have previously inked deals with music companies in Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Since our inception, we have always intended to offer a home for kindred spirits in indie pop to grow, learn and be heard," Lilystars Records founder and Orange & Lemons frontman Clem Castro shares in a statement. "Over the years, we knocked on obscurity with an against-the-flow-mentality, as we pledged to become the support system, curator, and community builder for local musicians with a global bent. Our collaboration with ADA Asia will enable us to accelerate our efforts in putting the Philippines on the map with the type of music we create."

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Chee Meng Tan, Managing Director of ADA Asia adds, “We are deeply committed to connecting artists with their fans globally. We understand that each artist, creator and label are in a different phase of their careers and have different needs. Our cutting-edge technology and deep understanding of the markets will enable us to distinguish the needs of our partners and offer them bespoke solutions. We look forward to working with Lilystars Records and spreading their music around the world."

Lilystars Records' lineup of bands and artists include the likes of ADR, Bryan Estepa, Day & Dream, Dey Rose, Dragonfly Collector, Dustybuns, Galaxy Lodge, Hey, Jane!, Kubra Commander, Lily On The River, Orange & Lemons, Paper Satellites, Parasouls, Project Orange, The Bernadettes, The Camerawalls, The Geeks, The Gentle Isolation, The Midnight Greetings, The Sun Days, Them Bloody Royals, Sunflower Station, and Svvell.